Bomberman Board Game Cancelled, Which Sucks

Bomberman Board Game Cancelled, Which Sucks
Image: Bomberman

Of all the video games out there being turned into board games, few are as perfect a fit for the tabletop treatment as Bomberman. So it sucks to hear that, having originally been planned for a 2020 release, IDW and Konami’s Bomberman board game has been cancelled.

Designed by Sean McDonald at Tower Games — the same guy behind the neat little Sonic Crash Course — it looked like a very cool, very literal adaptation featuring stuff like a modular board, which would allow for not just random map creation, but also the slow removal of pieces to simulate the shrinking of the level.

It would have been turn-based, with players able to drop their bombs using colour-coded tokens, and just like the video game, if one went off at the edge of the map, the damage would warp over and continue from the opposite side.

This is the second IDW x Konami board game to be cancelled in recent months, with a Metal Gear game also being killed off after repeated delays.

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