There’s Tons Of Very Good Games Available For Bugger All Today

There’s Tons Of Very Good Games Available For Bugger All Today
Image: Monster Hunter World Iceborne
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They’re technically branding it as Spring, because that’s how you do things in the northern hemisphere. But the British crew behind Fanatical have a metric ton of very good games going for bugger all right now.

Some of the headline deals include big discounts on LucasArts classics. $1.95 for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is the best deal you’ll see all week, all month, and maybe all year. The movie has been doing the rounds at cinemas lately, so it’s a perfect time to give the point-and-click game a whirl.

But there’s also great offers on other franchise. The British marketplace has Far Cry 5 for $16 and the Jackbox Party Pack 5 on $25. Monster Hunter World is going for $27, and the Master Edition of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is only $47. Can’t complain about the hour-to-dollar ratio there.

If you want to get some games on the cheap, Warhammer: Vermintide 2 for $10.49 is a good deal. Northgard is excellent at $15.99, and Kingdom Come Deliverance at $17.18 is a solid price.

Here’s our pick of what you can grab as part of Fanatical’s Spring (cough, Autumn) sale. All prices are in Aussie dollars, too.

That’s a lot of very solid games available for a bargain. All games you get to keep too, which is important if ownership is a key factor for you. You can find a lot more available here, but if there’s anything specifically you think should be highlighted, shout it out in the comments.


  • Laughing/crying at how many of these look like great deals, except I already own them and just haven’t played/finished them. If only there were folks offering discounted deals on free time to play more games. WTB life extension, please.

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