CD Projekt Still Made Almost $400 Million In 2020

CD Projekt Still Made Almost $400 Million In 2020
Image: Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 still isn’t on the PlayStation Store, but despite the mass refunds CD Projekt Red still managed to post record profits in 2020.

CD Projekt Red, which is due to post its annual earnings later this week, announced their estimated 2020 earnings over Twitter. It’s not the company’s official earnings — the proper audited results will be released Thursday Australian time, so there’s a chance the figures could move by a million or two here or there.

Still, there’s not liable to be any massive change from the $393.8 million ($PLN1,154 billion) net profit. It’s the biggest year CD Projekt has had in the company’s history, tripling their previous best profit record in 2015 when The Witcher 3 was released. We already know that Cyberpunk 2077 had surpassed the $US50 million mark on Steam a fortnight before the game even shipped, and the game’s more stable performance there (and larger fanbase) undoubtedly helped buffer some of the lost console sales.

The company’s annual results were due in late March, but the company postponed their investor meeting due to the massive ransomware attack on the studio. That also postponed the game’s massive 1.2 update, although that patch hasn’t helped Cyberpunk get back on the PlayStation Store yet. The studio’s optimistic Sony will eventually start selling the game again, but at the time of writing Sony still has a large notice on its Australian page saying the game has been removed until further notice.

2021 shouldn’t be all about Cyberpunk‘s redemption, though. CD Projekt re-commited to releasing next-gen ports of The Witcher 3, adding graphical improvements like real-time ray tracing, sometime this year. A second season of Netflix’s Witcher adaptation will undoubtedly help CD Projekt’s coffers. The release of the first season saw Witcher sales soar by over 550 per cent, which isn’t surprising when you consider 76 million households tuned into The Witcher‘s first season, making it one of Netflix’s most successful series of all-time.

CD Projekt’s full annual earnings report is due out on April 22 internationally. The company has already provided a broader strategy update outlining changes to their marketing and development pipeline, but there’s a chance we might hear how things are progressing for Cyberpunk 2077 on the Sony front. If something interesting develops, we’ll keep you posted.


  • Who’d have thought that all that social media carry on might not actually be representative of actual people’s actual purchasing decisions.

    • Except we know it’s a hugely divisive game that’s been equally defined by both its positives and negatives, the only difference is the scale.

      • I mean, the point still seems to check out for me… the social media noise around the game felt predominantly negative. Same with reviews – a metacritic score of 57/100 (or 3.6/10 for user reviews) on Playstation is a rare example of ‘the forbidden numbers‘ (see: Penny Arcade: Xenotriptych, or if you prefer TV Tropes, see: ‘Four Point Scale’.)

        There were obviously defenders with praise (including me! It’s a great game! Disappointing compared to its potential but also well worth the time and very competitive), but that’s not how you get a 57 or 3.6. The balance has clearly been weighted toward the negative.

        • Oh I wouldn’t argue that there’s a negative slant out there, just that the negative is as much of a representation as the positive.
          The duality is more evidence toward that rather than against it and makes me wonder how different things could’ve been.
          (For example of the last gen version had been up to scratch or the PC version was as bad as the last gen)

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