Amazon’s New World Beta Hits 190,000 Players, But The Response Is Mixed

Amazon’s New World Beta Hits 190,000 Players, But The Response Is Mixed

The closed beta for Amazon Games’ highly anticipated MMO New World has kicked off to a massive welcome from gamers, with nearly 200,000 players testing it out so far.

For those unfamiliar, New World is described as “a thrilling, open-world MMO filled with danger and opportunity where you’ll forge a new destiny on the supernatural island of Aeternum,” according to its Steam description.

The game isn’t officially released until August 31, but if the popularity of the beta is anything to go off, it’s set for a massive launch.

According to Steam DB data, a whopping 190,811 people were playing the beta at its 24 hour peak.

It’s a win for Amazon, especially given their last major title Crucible flopped so hard the studio announced it was “discontinuing development” just months after launch. New World‘s also drawing a ton of views on Twitch, with 281,000 viewers at the time of writing, making it the third most popular category on the livestreaming platform.

But not everyone is thrilled with the New World beta so far. Some users have left their disappointment on Steam, the official New World forums and social media, calling the combat “clunky” and raising complaints about connectivity issues, animation locking, frame stuttering and optimisation.

“Sigh, not much has changed since last year, its so sad how many people have picked this up desperate for this to be the saviour, how is the combat still so clunky,” one user wrote.

new world beta

Most of the feedback seen at the time of writing has been critical. It’s worth noting that people are generally quicker to shout about their grievances, and a lot of games experience server issues when they see explosive player interest at the beta stage.

new world betanew world beta

You can pre-order New World on Steam now for $56.95 ahead of its August 31 release. If you’ve tried New World’s closed beta and have thoughts, let us know below.


  • Played a few hours, its decent I think, combat is a bit clunky but I’ll take it over tab targeting and button rotations. Basically the only reason I got it because it is basically the only game other than wow that has Aus servers.

    • Final Fantasy is getting Oceanic servers (most likely Australian) with the new expansion in November 😀

      • it is in Australia but it is unlikely to be this year, travel restrictions to AU means the data center team can’t come here (to scope things out I imagine).

        that said things can and often do change so maybe we’ll find out new info in the next live letter (September? or Oct I can’t remember which month)

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