The Nintendo Switch Lite Is Only $259 Today

The Nintendo Switch Lite Is Only $259 Today
Image: Nintendo

The Switch OLED might be on the way, but when it comes to the best possible deal, the Nintendo Switch Lite is real tempting right now.

Target has dropped the price of the Switch Lite down to an extremely tempting $259, regardless of whether you want the console in Yellow, Blue, Grey, Coral or Turquoise. That makes the console $40 cheaper than what most other retailers are offering right now, and less than half the price of what it’d cost you for the upcoming Switch OLED.

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Image: Target

There are some who need a TV-out for their console, so I understand if the Switch Lite is a no-go for those folks. But as a handheld console it’s still one of the best handhelds ever made with one of the best libraries for any console. The lack of that extra GPU power is noticeable in some games, but for a ton of indies and Nintendo first-party titles built around handheld play, the Switch Lite is excellent. Being sturdier and a bit more rugged also makes it a better option for slightly older kids, too.

For a fuller breakdown of the Switch versus the Switch Lite, go read our review here. And to snap up Target’s offer, their store page has all the details you need.


  • As someone who purchased 3 of these on release for 220 with the Ebay Plus sale, I’ve never once been impressed with any “sale” for these.

    In saying that, this is one of the more “lower” prices.

  • Still the more comfortable handheld between the two – the real D-PAD, the lighter weight, the more comftable size, and the sturdier build all make it the ideal handheld

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