GTA Online Gets First Actual Story Expansion In Years, Starring Franklin and Dr. Dre

GTA Online Gets First Actual Story Expansion In Years, Starring Franklin and Dr. Dre
Image: Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games just announced a new major content drop for Grand Theft Auto Online. The series of missions titled The Contract will feature Franklin, one of GTA V’s protagonists, and rapper Dr. Dre. In addition to Dr. Dre’s music, Rockstar promised sweeping updates to the game’s radio stations — including special guest hosts. The update will add new activities, weapons, and vehicles to the long running live-service title.

This announcement was hinted at in late October when Snoop Dogg leaked news of a possible a collaboration between Dr. Dre and Grand Theft Auto. Many GTA Online players have been very vocal about their desperation for new story content, especially more single-player missions, in the years since the game’s release, which makes The Contract a bit of a big deal. This update will also be Dr. Dre’s first public music release since his 2015 album Compton, meaning Rockstar managed to assuage not one but two starving fanbases.

The GTA Online update is also one of the biggest collaborations between the music and video game industries in recent memory — Fortnite’s concert series being the other prime example. No rapper has had such a prominent role in a game’s narrative content since 50 Cent had his own co-op third-person shooter series almost a decade and a half ago.

The Contract follows Franklin’s attempts to find a handful of unreleased Dr. Dre tracks that have gone missing as part of his celebrity “problem solving” enterprise. According to Rockstar, this content will span the entirety of Los Santos, including massive mansions, exclusive parties, and the local FIB branch, as players attempt to recover a cell phone containing the precious, unreleased tracks.

For those of you who are excited to return to Los Santos or just to hear new music from Dr. Dre, you won’t have to wait too long. The Contract releases next week on December 15.


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