What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

It’s Friday, my friends. The Good Day is here once again, and so we ask the question: What are you playing this weekend?

For many of us, I expect a similar answer this week. We weren’t offered a review code for Dying Light 2, so I might pop down to the shops when I knock off and pick that up. Interested to see if it tallies with the reviews I’ve read.

I can also confirm that I have a review copy of Horizon: Forbidden West and have been playing it over the last week. That review will be live on Monday, Feb 14 at 7 pm, so keep an eye out for that one.

Beyond that, you know I’m squeezing in a Sea of Thieves session somewhere. I’m one Shores of Gold run away from finally ticking that gold curse cosmetic off my list for good. ONE last Tall Tale. The SoT players in the room are giving stern nods of approval, I promise.

But what I’m really excited to play this weekend is D&D. Tomorrow night, a few friends and I will resurrect our Curse of Strahd campaign. For a campaign designed to run from levels 1 – 10, we’ve certainly taken our time. This campaign has been running on and off since 2016, squeezed in around dense calendars, lives, and careers. When will we play again after this? Who knows? For us, that’s part of what gives this campaign its charm.

Ruby is out today, feeling a bit low after her booster shot, but tells me she’ll be playing some Red Dead Redemption 2 on a gaming laptop she’s currently reviewing. She’s also still plugging away at Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Send her some love, we’re sure she’ll be back on her feet surely.

But how about you lot? What’s on the docket for this weekend? Are you straight into Dying Light 2 or do you have other games you want to chew through first? Maybe you’re not playing games at all, maybe you’re heading out into the world? Sound off in the comments, we want to know what you’re up to.


  • Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair is free on Epic this week, and I’ve been waiting for it to be free again for a while, so that’s what on my agenda this weekend.

  • I don’t play games on release so this is a hard month for me with so many games I’ve been looking forward to lol, this weekend I’m checking out Bully after all these years and beating up some losers lol, but next week I want to get into Sifu, it’s small enough that I don’t think I’ll have to wait for it to be patched and ironed out for the best experience.

  • What I would like to be playing this weekend: After The Fall with it’s recent update, Sea of Thieves with the usual crew, Infested Planet cause sometimes it’s just good to go back to fun little indies from some years back.

    What I will actually be playing this weekend: working overtime because of big projects with short deadlines and printing requirements which means they can’t be pushed back like digital stuff.

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