You Can Pocket The Legend of Zelda Game & Watch For $49 Right Now

You Can Pocket The Legend of Zelda Game & Watch For $49 Right Now
Image: Nintendo
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Last year, as part of the 35th-anniversary celebration for The Legend of Zelda, Nintendo released a Game & Watch that included the original Zelda, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link and the underrated Game Boy title, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. It also includes a Zelda-fied version of a Game & Watch classic, Vermin.

Outside of the nostalgia factor, this handheld looks great and we love being able to carry some all-time classic games on something that fits neatly in our jacket pocket. If you’ve been waiting for a price drop, you can pick up the Legend of Zelda Game & Watch for $49 when you use the promo code PLZELDA during checkout, which will save you a nice $30 off its usual $79 price tag.

This offer comes through the official eBay page for Sydney gaming institution The Gamesmen, and the only catch is that you need an eBay Plus membership to use the promo code. If you’re not keen on having another subscription, eBay offers a 30-day free trial for a Plus account, so you’re free to opt out if it doesn’t end up being your jam.

If you’ve already signed up for and then cancelled an eBay Plus membership, it looks like The Gamesmen are selling the Zelda Game & Watch for $59.95.

legend of zelda game and watch nintendo
Image: Nintendo

This Game & Watch can also be used as a clock and will change between various overworlds or dungeons from the original Zelda, depending on the time. You can either watch Link battle his way through these moments, or you can jump in and take control. There’s also a “time attack mode” available for Zelda II. There are a few more hidden secrets in there too.

Nintendo also released a Game & Watch to coincide with the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. back in 2020 – although getting your hands on one of these is significantly harder. In any case, we’re pretty big fans of these retro throwbacks. Metroid turns 35 this year and we’d be pretty happy with another Game & Watch to celebrate that milestone.

You can grab this deal for The Legend of Zelda Game & Watch here – just remember to use the code PLZELDA.

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