A Graphic Designer Has Recreated The Best Scene From Undertale

A Graphic Designer Has Recreated The Best Scene From Undertale
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Graphic Designer (and fellow Kotaku Australia writer) Ruby Innes has proved her love for cult RPG classic Undertale by digitally recreating one of its most beloved scenes — with a Ruby twist.

“I chose it because it’s so simple and unassuming, yet it always gets a good giggle out of me every time I play,” Ruby told us.

“I think I can really relate to Papyrus’ incredibly low standards, as I too would jump on the first person showing me affection who also knows how to make a great bowl of spaghetti,” she continued, “I also love the idea of Frisk only being able to speak through wooden signs (it’s not something included in the game), which is why I added that.”

Undertale, the Toby Fox-helmed 2015 release, lets players navigate the Underworld in the form of a lost child named Frisk, with storylines and consequences changing based on your interactions with an onslaught of monsters.

Frisk serves as the main inspo for Ruby’s iteration of the game so check out the final design in all its glory below:

“I drew this on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+, using the S Pen, and the program I used was Clip Studio Paint* which is also compatible on the Galaxy S22 Series if you have one of those instead. It’s a fantastic and simple program for illustrators and comic artists alike, and the Tab S8 with the S Pen is so incredibly smooth to use.”

Simple. Funny. Effective. Super niche.

“My style is very minimalist, very silly, and very goofy. I usually go for a more simplistic comic style, making sure to put as much effort into how it looks as I do into what it says. And usually, it’s saying something horrendously stupid in the best way.

This is sure to get Undertale fans’ tick of approval. Hang it in the digital Louvre, if such a place exists.

*Clip Studio Paint membership required. Preload supported in select markets. Clip Studio Paint can be downloaded from the Galaxy store and comes with 6 free months for first-time users. Terms of service may vary by country and region.


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