Louis Costello

Louis Costello is a Native Content Writer at Pedestrian Group, working across Pedestrian.TV, Business Insider, POPSUGAR, Lifehacker, Gizmodo and Kotaku. After working as an editorial assistant at The Music magazine, Louis began freelancing for Pedestrian.TV at the beginning of 2018 before securing a full-time position a few months later. Working on numerous campaigns ranging from Mcdonalds and Doritos to Kids Helpline and Our Watch, Louis has effectively proven his versatility and is able to adapt his writing style to suit various brand messages.

  • 5 Snacks That Won’t Get In The Way Of Your Gaming

    5 Snacks That Won’t Get In The Way Of Your Gaming

    Snacking is a core part of enjoying the gaming experience. I don’t know what it is about saving the world or playing competitive, violent hide and seek, but it’s just always better with a good snack. However, there are few things worse than a gummy controller covered in grease, sauce, or other goo. So, here…