Where To Buy Or Preorder An Xbox Series X, Series S In Australia [Updated]

Where To Buy Or Preorder An Xbox Series X, Series S In Australia [Updated]
Image: Kotaku Australia
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The Xbox Series X and Series S launched mid-November 2020, to the delight of everyone who was able to preorder them in Australia. For everyone else, the consoles are unfortunately in a strange state of limbo, with global distribution issues causing long-term stock shortages into 2021 and beyond.

The consoles are currently sold out at all physical stores, with new stock arriving at a nebulous future date. Here’s how the biggest Aussie retailers are faring with the Xbox Series X and Series S, and when you can expect new consoles to be available for preorder or purchase.

Update 25/07: The Xbox Series X is available for order through Amazon Australia.

Where You Can Buy A Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S In Australia

Amazon Australia

xbox series x s stock
Image: Xbox / Kotaku

Update 25/07: Amazon Australia currently has stock of the Xbox Series X(check under “See All Buying Options”). It still has plenty of stock for the Xbox Series S too. Be sure to check out how you can use the Series S (or X!) as a great emulation device.

Microsoft Store

xbox series x s stock
Image: Microsoft Store

Update 22/06: The Xbox Series X is once again available to preorder through the Microsoft Store, and is expected to ship by 30 June. If you’re happy to take the smaller console, the Series S is available.

eBay Australia

Where To Buy Or Preorder An Xbox Series X, Series S In Australia [Updated]
Image: Microsoft

Update 22/06: Over at eBay Australia, you can pick up the Xbox Series S for $413.56 when you use the promo code SAFY20 (down from $499). You’ll need to be quick, as this code is only valid until 26 June.

EB Games

Where To Buy Or Preorder An Xbox Series X, Series S In Australia [Updated]
Image: Reddit/Stealingyourpixels

Update 11/3:  Xbox Series X preorders are gone again! One per person, get in quick. Plenty of stock for the Xbox Series S available, however.


Where To Buy Or Preorder An Xbox Series X, Series S In Australia [Updated]
Image: Telstra

Telstra’s Xbox All Access program lets existing Telstra customers purchase an Xbox Series X or Series S bundled with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for a monthly fee over a two-year period. It’s $46 per month to own a Series X and $33 a month to own a Series S. Functionally, it’s quite similar to getting a phone handset on a plan. At the end of the contract, should Xbox have launched an updated model by then, you’ll be able to upgrade to newer hardware. Many Telstra stores will also have limited stock on hand, but are still subject to the ebb and flow of hardware availability like everyone else. Telstra recommends calling your local store to check beforehand.

Of all the options in this list, Telstra remains the most-sure fire way to get your hands on the Series X right now.

JB Hi-Fi

Where To Buy Or Preorder An Xbox Series X, Series S In Australia [Updated]
Image: Stock

Update 08/03: JB’s Series X stock has been hard to come by — no surprise — but there’s plenty of Xbox Series S consoles available. If you’re jonesing for the bigger Xbox Series X, your best chance is to call up your local JB Hi-Fi store and check with the staff. Stores have been taking in-store preorders whenever more consoles come in, so here’s where you can find the number for your closet JB.

The Gamesmen

Where To Buy Or Preorder An Xbox Series X, Series S In Australia [Updated]
Image: Microsoft

Update 08/03: The Gamesmen are currently sold out of the Series X, but they do have stock of the Xbox Series S.


xbox series x s stock
Image: Microsoft

Update 08/03: The Series X is completely sold out at Target. However, the Series S is available for click and collect in limited quantities.

Big W

xbox series x s stock
Image: Microsoft

Update 08/03: You can order the Xbox Series S for $429 (down from $499) with Big W here. The Xbox Series X is listed as “coming soon” but it’s not available for order.


Where To Buy Or Preorder An Xbox Series X, Series S In Australia [Updated]
Image: Microsoft

Update 08/03: Much like the PS5, the Xbox Series X and Series S are currently listed as ‘Coming Soon’ on Kogan.

You can set up a personal email notification for when they’re back in stock.


  • So the answer to the headline “Where To Buy An Xbox Series X And Series S In Australia” is…. nowhere (except Telstra but you have to pay 50% more over 24 months).

    • I guess if you didn’t plan to get Gamepass Ultimate for 2 years, that would work out to more.

      Though if you factor in the cost of GPU for 2 years, it works out cheaper than buying the console & GPU separately , and also covers you if the GPU sub price goes up in the next 2 years.

  • I recommend Telstra all access. I was originally wave two with delivery being Dec 10, but I was somehow upgraded to release day delivery. Also I managed to get an all access subscription without the prerequisite additional Telstra service. Lucked out I guess.

  • I walked into my local EB games yesterday to pick up Immortals and walked out with a Xbox series x- no pre order or calling ahead required. They had heaps….where does this writer get info?!

  • Leah you’re a legend, my order was accepted through Microsoft store!

    3-7 business days apparently, so hopefully it’s not a pre-order!

  • I’ve got no AC and I’m still scared of turning my Series X on in summer weather it’s been that bad. Anyone been brave enough to try it?

    • Is it meant to have issues?

      Looks like a great thermal design on it, I wouldn’t be surprised if the air coming out the top is cooler than the air in your place!!

      • As far as I’m aware basically all electronics have a warning not to use them above 35C. My house feels more like 3500C than 35C. XD

  • On average, most EB Games are now carrying 2 – 3 Xbox Series X consoles at the moment per week. They’re not selling anywhere near as fast or regularly as the PS5 due to a few factors (had a rather long conversation with some staff today, picking their brain).

    The general ‘non-gaming’ public (i.e. parents buying them for their kids etc) can see how ‘the ps5 is the next console’ for Sony, yet they can’t see how the new Xbox is for Microsoft, given there’s no specific games *for* the Series X. All the games work across all Xbox consoles etc, yet there’s no exclusive ones. Microsofts basically confused the hell out of a lot of people it seems. Yet when you mention ‘PS5’ to them, they have a clear understanding ‘new console, game works on it, doesn’t work on older consoles’ etc.

    So, if you really want one, just check in store with your EB, they may actually have one. (Forest Lake EB in Brisbane currently has one out the back waiting to find a home, they have more coming in this week).

    • I’d say the biggest factor is that scalpers on eBay are currently stuck holding XBOX consoles that aren’t getting significantly above retail (and probably accumulating credit card interest as we speak). The PS5 is definitely in higher demand and they’re still getting alright bids, but they’re not getting crazy bids and it’s post-Christmas boom so with any luck the bottom will fall out of that market with the next wave.

      • I’m going directly from the horses mouth here and literally saw it in action in the store too. The same Series X has sat there for over a week, waiting to be sold and hasn’t moved (I myself considered buying it, but all the games I want to play are on PC as well through gamepass, what’s the point?). They’ve dealt with a lot of customers who are overly confused over the packaging of games from Microsoft and the general format of consoles in the past. Previously, it’s been New Console = New games for console. Now? MS has moved into New Console = Games work on all consoles, just look nicer on newest console. The scalper issue is one for sure, but the confusion factor I would absolutely believe is a big one.

    • How dumb do people have to be though? Most people can’t be that stupid.

      It’s literally “here’s the newest Xbox. Just like the PS5 some games will work on older consoles, but going forward, they only work on this one”

  • Series X as a console is better when you missed out on classics like Panzer Dragoon Orta, Viva Pinata or games like Burnout Revenge. I’ve spent more time playing old games than I have anything next gen. My PC does the heavy lifting, but it’s still nice to have the backwards compatibility option on a console where Microsoft put effort into making some of the old gems playable again.

  • The Telstra All Access pass is an absolute joke, not only did they get multiple orders wrong and send people the “One X”, to sign up you have to have a pre-existing “post paid” NBN or such service.

    Rather than just running it as a separate service and giving out a credit check as an incentive to join Telstra, to even sign up ud need to be a member for a year, and end up with a 200$ monthly bill.

    its a complete scam imo and they should be called out on it.

    • I order the Series X on a Saturday with Telstra online and it arrived about 3 days later the next week. I love it!!


    Based on the Feb 5th update I called my local JBHIFI and today I picked up my very own series x console. I actually was the first person to call them after they knew they were getting a small shipment, so I was first on the list. I was dubious that they didn’t just write my name on a post-it-note and be forgotten and I was meaning to call this week and just check I actually was on a list… for a delivery not due until end of March (worst case scenario.) I almost pooped my pants with excitement when I got the text saying my order was ready… good thing I was already sitting on the toilet at the time.

    • Last time I asked, they told me to sign up for the newsletter. Pffft. Clearly the store-by-store experience varies.

  • I picked up my Series X a few weeks ago. I called around 5 local EB Games every morning for 2 weeks until I found one. I’m loving it too.

  • Has there been any chatter about All Access coming to any other providers? I moved away from Telstra many years ago and have no intention of ever going back, but if any other providers offered this I’d be on it day one.

  • December ’21 here, Series X can still be a tough find but I just want to point out that used Series S consoles are plentiful and if you’re quick enough you can snag one for around 350, which isn’t dissimilar from what various now outdated models of used Xbox One are up for, that paired with the couple hundred games on Gamepass plus backwards compatibility (for new gamers or just catching up on titles you missed) is incredible value.

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