4 New Pokémon We’re Hoping To See In Scarlet And Violet

4 New Pokémon We’re Hoping To See In Scarlet And Violet
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The best part about any new generation of Pokémon is trying to guess what kinds of weird and wonderful critters that Game Freak will dream up for us. After last week’s Pokémon Presents, we waited with bated breath for the new pocket monsters that would join our teams in Gen 9.

We already know that Paldean Wooper (a.k.a the People’s Pooper) will become an honorary member of our team. Meanwhile, it seems inevitable that Fidough is bound to evolve into Purebread, otherwise it’ll be a sorely missed opportunity. And we’re all ready for our boy, Lechonk to grace our dinner tables… uh, we mean battle up a storm.

But what other Pokémon are we hoping will be unveiled in the lead-up to the worldwide release of Gen 9? After all, aren’t the next few months meant to be a time of speculation and anticipation? This is the time when we’re allowed to dream big and place bets on what ‘mons will battle by our sides once we get our greasy, hairy mitts on our version of choice.

Here’s a list of our new Pokémon demands hopefuls that we’ll get to see in Scarlet and Violet.

A new Eeveelution

The Pokémon anime series heavily hinted that Chloe's Eevee would evolve, leading to speculation of a new Eeveelution in Gen 9.
Image: TV Tokyo

Nintendo, Game Freak, hey, hi – you there? Are you listening? We think it’s high time we got a new Eeveelution and we will be taking no excuses. We truly think that Pokémon’s been taking us all for a ride over the last month.

While the most recent Pokémon Presents aired last week, many of us who are obsessed with Eevee were hoping – no, expecting – an Eeveelution announcement.

Any type of sign that Eevee might get a new evolutionary form has been painstakingly stamped out. If we look back at previous generations, we received Vaporean, Jolteon and Flareon in Gen 1, Espeon and Umbreon in Gen 2, Leafeon and Glaceon in Gen 4 and Sylveon in Gen 6. Following that pattern, we should have gotten a new evolution in Gen 8 via Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Then, on the 30th and 31st of July, Pokémon’s Instagram account shared a video of Espeon and Umbreon on those respective dates. There was no context, save for a couple of emojis.

On 1 August, the Pokémon Presents date was announced. This led many to speculate that maybe, just maybe, we were about to get the Eeveelution we’ve been dreaming of. And yet, nada.

The anticipation was only heightened when some fans peeked ahead at the episode summary guide for Pokémon Ultimate Journeys, where two episodes named Koharu and Eievui – The Miracle of Evolution and Koharu and Eievui, the Possibilities are Endless! were due to air on 22 July and 29 July in Japan. Spoiler alert: as it turns out, Koharu (or Chloe, as she’s known in the English dub) didn’t evolve her Eevee, much to everyone’s dismay.

So where does this leave us? Eevee-less and afraid. But let’s pretend we live in a merciful world where Pokémon will deliver us the Eeveelution of our prayers. What are we hoping for?

While we’ve been granted eight out of 18 possible types, our hopes are high that the next Eeveelution will be either a Ghost, Flying or maybe even a Dragon-type.

But what do you think? Based off the theme of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, what type of Eeveelution can we expect?

We don’t have a dolphin Pokémon yet

What new Pokémon await us in Gen 9 for Scarlet and Violet
Image: Team Koitabashi

Someone once tried to tell us that Lanturn is a dolphin Pokémon and there will be no further comment on that, aside from the statement: Lanturn is based on an angler fish. You know, the big ugly fish that tried to eat Marlin and Dory in Pixar’s Finding Nemo. Cool, glad we got that out of the way.

With every new generation that’s been announced, we have patiently awaited the reveal of a dolphin Pokémon. When Sun and Moon came and went, we thought that surely with its Hawaii-inspired region that we’d be served a dolphin Pokémon on a silver platter. And yet, nothing.

Out of all of the new Pokémon that’s been introduced to us over the years, we’ve had a panda, a koala and even a bloody ice cream cone added to the Dex. There’s even been a double scoop evolution of said ice cream cone.

As much as we like a very cute, very blue angler fish, we’d much prefer a bottle-nosed dolphin Pokémon in Gen 9 instead.

Make the little worm a big wyrm

Timothy's Dunsparce from Pokémon the Series: Gold and Silver
Image: TV Tokyo

We can’t help feeling that poor ol’ Dunsparce has drawn the short straw of the lot. Pokémon loves its weak, floppy ‘mons and Dunsparce is apparently the king. While Magikarp and Feebas both evolve into great sea serpents, Dunsparce has nothing. Dunsparce has been robbed.

While we absolutely froth Gyrados and Milotic, both stunningly detailed and well-designed powerhouses, we’ve tried to picture how Dunsparce’s final form could look. Dunsparce is a normal-type that is meant to be based on a “land snake” called Tsuchinoko. (Aren’t most snakes… land snakes?)

According to Japanese folklore, a Tsuchinoko translates to “child of hammer” and can swallow its own tail to roll around like a wheel.

To us, this suggests that if Dunsparce is granted an evolution, he’d probably look like some giant, yellow and winged beast that can swallow its hammer-shaped tail and roll over its enemies Phanpy-style.

That sounds sick. Game Freak, jot that down.

Please explain where baby Kangaskhan came from

Ilima's mega Kangaskhan in Sun and Moon
Image: TV Tokyo

A certain detail that’s always irked us is the fact that Pokémon has never explained where in the hell baby Kangaskhan comes from?

We get that it’s fiction and maybe Pokémon biology does not always work the same way it does in the real world (sure), but you cannot tell us that Kangaskhan is born with a baby.

It makes no sense. What also makes no sense is the fact that in X and Y, Kangaskhan got a Mega Evolution that allows Baby K to leap out of its pouch and battle. Nevermind the fact that the Kangaskhan I hatched seven days ago can Mega Evolve with a baby that, according to its Pokédex entry, can’t leave its pouch for three years.

Pokémon, please explain why Baby Kangaskhan is purple. Please also explain why it isn’t its own ‘mon yet.

Where to pre-order your copy of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

If you’re keen to find out if any of these Pokémon hopefuls will find their way into Gen 9, you better make sure you pre-order your copy of Scarlet and Violet.

Below, we’ve rounded up a bunch of Aussie retailers where you can snap up your copy ahead of its November 18 release date:

If you prefer to collect both versions of the game, you can swipe a dual pack below:

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet will be exclusively available on the Nintendo Switch and will be released on 18 November, 2022.

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At Kotaku, we independently select and write about stuff we love and think you'll like too. We have affiliate and advertising partnerships, which means we may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. BTW – prices are accurate and items in stock at the time of posting.


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