When To Watch The September 2022 Nintendo Direct In Australian Times

When To Watch The September 2022 Nintendo Direct In Australian Times

The rumoured Nintendo Direct of September 2022 has been confirmed to go ahead as planned, so get excited folks.

This one’s been running around the rumour mill for a few weeks now, with a whole buttload of potential games in the swing. While the UK has decided that they will not livestream the Nintendo Direct tomorrow out of respect for the Queen’s death, because it’s common knowledge that Queen Elizabeth II said “If I ever die, there will be no livestreamed Nintendo Direct in the UK, and that’s on God”, ours will be going ahead as normal.

So what’s in store this time, hey? Great question. As mentioned prior, the rumour mill has been functioning at a level only describable as ‘Yowza Wowza’. The biggest and most juicy ‘leak’ definitely has to be the potential news of Wind Waker and Twilight Princess being announced for the Nintendo Switch, which is sure to please many a Zelda fan (including me).

However, I question whether they’re going to go with straight ports of the originals or the WiiU remasters. While I would say the latter are probably the best version of the games, the Switch, unfortunately, doesn’t have the Giant Nintendo DS capabilities of the WiiU so it’s possible they’ll make tweaks or even go with a Super Mario 3D All-Stars type situation.

Then there’s also the possibility of a Metroid Prime 4 announcement, which has been popping up in Nintendo’s financial reports for a long while now. Of course, nothing is set in stone there, and that one’s been taking a hell of a long time, but hopefully, that’s because it’s going to be something really special.

Anywho, let’s get into the real meat and potatoes here.

When can I see the September 2022 Nintendo Direct in Australia and New Zealand?

The September 2022 Nintendo Direct will air in Australia and New Zealand on Tuesday, September 13th and Wednesday, September 14th, thanks to those pesky time zones making things a little bit silly.

The Nintendo Australia Youtube channel will be livestreaming the Direct, which hopefully means that we’ll have any release dates announced localised to our time. You can watch it here.

You can check out your time zone below.


Wednesday, September 14th

12:00 a.m. AEST



Tuesday, September 13th

11:30 p.m. ACST



Tuesday, September 13th

10:00 p.m. AWST



Wednesday, September 14th

2:00 a.m. NZST


Got any predictions? Anything you’re hoping for, or excited for? Personally, I would simply like to see my boy Toon Link on the Switch. Let us know!

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