Mama Mia, Did A Macca’s Employee Leak Movie Mario’s Face?

Mama Mia, Did A Macca’s Employee Leak Movie Mario’s Face?

If you showed the headline ‘Macca’s Employee Possibly Leaks Movie Mario’s Face In Streamer’s Discord’ to a sickly Victorian child, he would probably drop dead immediately.

But yes, it seems like the look of Mario from the front (and not the flat-pack back) has been revealed thanks to what looks like some sort of McDonald’s employee document. The image in question was posted to the Discord server of Twitch ‘discomfort streamer’ ConnorEatsPants, which is somehow the funniest way that this could’ve possibly happened.

While this is an alleged leak, it’s a pretty good one. Not only does it look like it would make sense for the plumber man to look like that, but there are small details that match up with the poster shown to tease the trailer premiere.

That being said, the community of artists whose purpose is to make art or videos of video game characters busting a fat wide load or get their shit rocked work incredibly hard and incredibly fast, so there’s always the possibility that it could be a fake. Then again, it is pretty convincing.

A lot of folks are torn on The Super Mario Bros. Movie design of Mario Mario, with some saying that he actually looks pretty good (the standards have probably been low since the Eldritch Horror monstrosity that was the first Sonic movie design) and also some saying that he just looks… a little off.

We can see that Illumination Mario has a rounder, wider face with more realistic facial hair, as well as more detailed clothing with the denim overalls looking more like denim. As well, Mario’s shirt has a COLLAR? We got a fancy fella over here.

However, some fans have noticed that the print-out is possibly being held at an angle, or that the picture has been taken at a lower angle, with said fans adjusting the perspective to reveal a potentially more accurate depiction of Mario Movie Mario Mario.

It’s also important to note that the Discord poster said ‘I work at Macca’s’, which is a uniquely Australian way of saying McDonald’s. This could mean that pictures of Mario Mario in his Mario Movie Final Form exist physically in Australia right now. Huge news.

Honestly, in my personal opinion, I think it actually looks pretty good. Sure, it’s not a complete copy of the Nintendo design, but I think it does a good job converging both the Illumination and Nintendo styles. I will say though, if they don’t make his cheeks plumper than a Christmas ham, I will fall into a deep dark depression that only the fattest cartoon ass will be able to pull me out of.

We won’t know about Movie Mario’s face for sure until tomorrow’s big reveal though, as well as how everything else will fall into place. If you’d like to know when to tune in to watch the first trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie, you can look for your time zone here.


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