Sony’s DualSense Edge Controller Is Almost Half The Price Of A PS5 In Australia

Sony’s DualSense Edge Controller Is Almost Half The Price Of A PS5 In Australia

PlayStation has finally unveiled Australian pricing for its new DualSense Edge pro-tier controller. I think we all expected it to be pricey, didn’t we? I don’t know if we expected it to be quite this pricey, though.

Buying a DualSense Edge controller in Australia will run you $339.99. The package gets you the controller, a braided USB cable, 2x standard control stick caps (which are attached to the controller), 2x high dome caps, 2x low dome caps, 2x half-dome back buttons, 2x lever back buttons, a connector housing, and a carry case.

To be clear, a PlayStation 5 console with a single, regular DualSense controller is $799. The DualSense Edge controller is worth only a little less than half a PS5. And that’s AFTER the PS5 got its $50 price hike.

Direct competitor Xbox has just launched a revised version of its own pro-tier controller in the last few weeks, the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. That bundle splits the controller and its customisation options into two separate packages, and, we were critical of the idea at $269.90 for the pair. But that is still seventy dollars cheaper than Sony’s take on the concept.

I would love to get my hands on one of these new DualSense Edge controllers. I have to know what it is about the Edge that makes it worth this much money. And maybe I’ll find out, right after I take out a mortgage to afford one. Maybe sell a kidney.

EB Games has helpfully offered to let customers trade their existing regular DualSense controllers toward the Edge. Doing so drops the price to $294, which is a trade price of just 46 bucks.

Preorders on the DualSense Edge are open in Australia now. Orders will arrive on Thursday, January 26th, 2023. If anyone needs me, I’ll be selling everything I own on Gumtree to drum up the cash.

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