Pokèmon Scarlet And Violet: Which Version Should You Buy?

Pokèmon Scarlet And Violet: Which Version Should You Buy?
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Two Pokèmon games in a year? It’s true. After the release of Pokèmon Legends: Arceus in March, Nintendo is continuing the open-world trend and in Pokèmon Scarlet & Violet. This also heralds the return of the dual-release strategy, with both Scarlet and Violet offering unique characters, creatures and covers.

So the question is now, should you choose Pokèmon Scarlet or Violet?

Pokèmon Scarlet and Violet: What’s the difference?

Legendary Pokèmon

pokemon scarlet violet legendaries
Image: The Pokèmon Company

Perhaps the most major difference between the two versions is the Legendary Pokèmon they offer.

Scarlet gives you access to Koraidon – a red lizard-looking creature with a feathery headdress – and Violet offers Miraidon – a purple snake-like dragon Pokèmon.

Despite the many Pokèmon leaks, we don’t know the types or abilities of each Legendary just yet. However, we do know that they will both become modes of transport around the vast Paldea region, with motorcycle, aquatic and aerial transformations possible.

Version-exclusive Pokèmon

As always, a few version-exclusive Pokèmon will be offered in Scarlet and Violet as well.

According to Nintendo Life, Scarlet players will gain access to Aramrouge, Larvitar and Stonjourner. Violet owners will have Ceruledge, Bagon and Eiscue.

These are just the version-exclusive Pokèmon we know about so far but expect there to be more on this list once the game is released.

As always, there will be three starter Pokèmon to choose from, but these remain the same across both versions.


pokemon scarlet violet professors
Image: Nintendo

Some exclusive characters are also confirmed to be available in both Pokèmon Scarlet and Violet.

The main ones we already know about are the Professors at each academy. Professor Turo will be available in Violet, and Professor Sada is exclusive to Scarlet.

Each professor matches the theme of their respective academy, with Sada rocking more prehistoric-style attire and Turo dressed up in a more futuristic look.


pokemon scarlet violet uniforms
Image: The Pokemon Company

Continuing that theme, the academies trainers will be able to attend also differ. In Scarlet, you’ll attend the Naranja Academy, and in Violet, you’ll be at the Uva Academy.

Apart from theming and colour schemes (Violet has a grape crest while Scarlet has an orange one), there doesn’t seem to be a huge difference between the two.

The uniforms players’ characters wear are also inspired by their chosen academy, with Naranja students wearing orange ties and shorts with a blue hat. Uva characters wear a purple tie and shorts with a grey shirt and hat.

Multiplayer is also a thing this time around, so make sure you coordinate with your friends.

Box art

pokemon scarlet violet
Image: EB Games

The most obvious difference between the two Pokèmon games is their box art. Scarlet comes adorned with an image of Koraidon, while Violet has Miraidon on the cover. You can purchase either separately, or there is also a double pack available.

As for which is the better purchase? It’s really up to personal preference based on which exclusive Pokèmon and theming speak to you.

Where can you buy Pokèmon Scarlet and Violet?

Pokèmon Scarlet and Violet release on November 18. If you’re looking to pick up a cheap copy, here’s everywhere in Australia that you can grab one from:


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