Ubisoft ‘Cancelled A Few Games’ Because They Were Making Too Many

Ubisoft ‘Cancelled A Few Games’ Because They Were Making Too Many

Ubisoft seems to be attempting to pull themselves out of the trenches of investor doubt after a rocky start to the year.

January saw the cancellation of three unannounced games to go along with the four cancelled games from 2022, as well as another delay for Ubisoft’s long-awaited pirate game Skull And Bones. On top of that, reports revealed that cuts were occurring internally, and more recently we saw the departure of veteran Assassin’s Creed developer Jean Guesdon from the company. So yeah, you could say things weren’t looking too hot.

According to IGN, a quarterly earnings call with investors today resulted in Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot reassuring them that the main reason for all their game cancellations was simply because they were making far too many games at once, and that everything is actually going super good and is really chill.

“We cancelled a few games because we needed to make space for other games that are in development in the company, and that’s really helping all the other games that are progressing well,” Guillemot said. “Now we feel we have the right number of games, knowing that we will launch a lot of games in financial year ’24 that will also give space for the other games that are on the way in the company.”

He continues, saying, “If we look at 24 months, the number of games in work in the company will go down quite a lot, and that will give more space to all the games we have on the way. Having said that, we know that many of those games are also going to have post-launch content, and this will take a certain number of teams and talents to actually create that content.”

I mean, it makes sense. If you’ve got too many feral hogs in your home, it’s going to be too hard to tame them all and give them all the proper attention. However, if you free some of these feral hogs into the wild and keep the few that seem to be showing the most progress in being tamed, it’ll be easier to turn those remaining feral hogs into domesticated hogs. You could say the same about video games, maybe.

In terms of what’s still coming from Ubisoft, there does seem to be some hope. From April 2023 through to March 2024, it looks like we’ll be seeing Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Mobile, Tom Clancy’s The Division Resurgence, The Crew Motorfest, and Skull and Bones (yes, still). At this point, it’s hard to say whether they’ll all definitely be coming through but at the same time, most of the games cancelled last year weren’t even announced. So there is still hope!

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