Aussie-Made Starship Colony Sim Jumplight Odyssey Is Playable During Steam Next Fest

Aussie-Made Starship Colony Sim Jumplight Odyssey Is Playable During Steam Next Fest

Australian-made colony sim Jumplight Odyssey is getting a demo in the upcoming Steam Next Fest.

The game, currently in development at League of Geeks, has made a splash during Summer Game Fest. It’s now appeared in several different showcases, with new details revealed in each. Today’s announcement about the Next Fest demo came during the 2023 PC Gaming Show.

Jumplight Odyssey is a starship colony sim that tasks you with building a crew and keeping them alive as you attempt to guide them toward a peaceful future, lightspeed jump by lightspeed jump. Along the way, you’ll have to manage a crew that loves a bit of drama, incoming raiders, and your own design sensibilities as you build out your ship. It’s a little bit Dwarf Fortress and a little bit FTL and a little bit Fallout Shelter. Despite its vast collection of ideas and inspirations, the game seems to be coming together smoothly as it seemingly inches closer to a release date announcement (or at least a period of early access, perhaps).

If you were thinking its look evokes classic sci-fi anime like Star Blazers, you’re dead right, and that’s entirely the goal.

Here’s a trailer:


Really looking forward to getting my hands on this one. Steam Next Fest kicks off June 19th and runs until June 26th. You can wishlist Jumplight Odyssey on Steam here.

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