10 New Anime To Check Out This Spring

10 New Anime To Check Out This Spring
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It’s that time of the season again. Flowers are blooming and the weather is getting warmer, but nothing is hotter than this new season of anime. It’s once again time for Kotaku Australia’s list of upcoming anime series that you should catch this spring. There’s a healthy mix of old favourites getting new seasons and brand new titles, including a fantasy anime about a lonely elf, a mystery show about identical twins and an anime about car racing.

The Rising Of Shield Hero Season 3

It wouldn’t be a season of anime without an isekai. In the first two seasons of The Rising Of Shield Hero, a gamer is chosen as one of four heroes to help save a parallel world. Unfortunately for him, he’s given a shield as his only weapon and is tasked with fighting waves of monsters. Shunned by the other inhabitants of this magical world, our main character begins training by himself to become the best hero he can be.

The Rising of Shield Hero Season 3 will start airing in October on Crunchyroll.

If you haven’t seen Season 1 yet, you can buy DVDs and Blu-rays of The Rising Of Shield Hero here:

DVDs and Blu-rays for Season 2 are currently available for pre-order here:

Spy x Family Season 2

To complete a mission to save the nation, Loid Forger is tasked with creating a family on short notice. The spy goes to an orphanage and adopts a child, finds a wife in a tailor shop, and buys a big dog. Little does he know, his child, Anya, is a mind-reader and his wife, Yor, is an assassin, and his dog, Bond, can see the future. This unsuspecting family of four are all hiding big secrets from one another while trying to prevent their nation from going to war.

The first 25 episodes are hilarious and heartwarming, so we have high hopes for the second season.

You can watch Spy x Family Season 2 on Crunchyroll starting in October.

If you still haven’t seen Season 1 of Spy x Family, you can get it on DVD and Blu-ray here:

Dr. Stone: New World Part 2

A green light strikes Earth and turns all of humanity to stone. For thousands of years, mankind stands still, until one day, Senkuu escapes from his stone prison and decides to rebuild human civilisation. He figures out a way to free other people from the stone trapping them, but unsurprisingly, not everybody wants to go back to the way things were before.

Dr Stone: New World Part 2 will air on Crunchyroll from October 12, 2023.

There are currently 46 anime episodes and one short film in the Dr Stone franchise, so there’s heaps to watch. Catch up with the DVD and Blu-ray versions here:

Goblin Slayer II

In a world where goblins are left to roam free because of their low bounty value, there is only one adventurer who is committed to eradicating the goblin menace and protecting society from these notorious creatures – Goblin Slayer.

The very first episode of Season 1 packed a punch with its shock value and controversy that divided the anime community, but the rest of the season fell a little flat after such an impactful first episode. We’re hoping that Season 2 ups the ante and delves further into the life of Goblin Slayer.

Goblin Slayer II will air on Crunchyroll from October 7 for the 2023 spring anime season.

If you’re looking to watch Goblin Slayer Season 1, you can also buy it on DVD and Blu-ray here:

Undead Unluck

Fuuko Izumo is so unlucky that anyone who touches her becomes burdened with extreme misfortune. It’s because of this that many people around her have become injured, or even died – including her own family. On the other hand, Andy is immortal. All he wants is to be able to die, but he regenerates too quickly after he’s been injured. Fuuko and Andy team up with the goal of helping Andy die, but someone – or something – is wanting to use their powers for a more sinister reason.

The streaming service is still TBA, but Undead Unluck will start airing on October 7, 2023.

If you want to read the Undead Unluck manga before the anime airs this season, you can buy it here:

Migi and Dali

This murder mystery anime sees a pair of twins pretending to be an only child in order to investigate the household they’ve been adopted into. Without spoiling anything, the twins work hard day and night to avenge one of their loved ones. The manga is by Sano Nami, who recently passed away, and her previous work includes the hilarious school comedy, Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto. The series follows a teenage boy who is so handsome and perfect, that even plans to crush his popularity are somehow foiled by him being even more amazing.

Migi and Dali will start airing from October 2 for the 2023 spring anime season, with the streaming service yet to be announced.

Under Ninja

Imagine a world where ninja still work undercover in modern times. In Under Ninja, over 20,000 people are employed as ninjas to protect Japan from internal and external threats. Kurou is one of these ninjas. A 17-year-old high school student with no friends by day, and a part-time government-employed ninja by night. This is, without a doubt, the coolest part-time job.

You can watch Under Ninja on Crunchyroll from October 6.

If you want to read the manga before the anime airs, you can get it here:


When a photographer meets a high school F4 racer, he’s inspired to help the boy become the next best thing on the track. Working with the small team at Komaki Motors, the racer and the photographer form an unlikely friendship.

Overtake will be available to stream on Crunchyroll on October 1 for the 2023 spring anime season.

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End

Frieren is an elf, but everyone knows elves live much longer than other races. Frieren watches her comrades pass away one-by-one, but doesn’t realise how much they meant to her until they were already gone. She finds a new adventurer to team up with as she searches for new magic and mourns the opportunities she missed to form deeper bonds with her previous party.

You’ll be able to catch Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End from September 29 on Crunchyroll.

If you’re more of a manga reader, you can pick it up the physical copies here:

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2

The first season of this comedy romance anime bombed pretty hard, but there’s something about this show that makes us want to watch more, despite knowing how trashy it’s going to be. The series follows Naoya, a guy who loves his girlfriend, but when a second (and then third) girl confess to him, he becomes attracted to them and asks the girls if they can be in a polyamorous relationship. The girls reluctantly agree, and drama ensues. There’s no telling what will happen in the second season, but we’ll be watching.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2 will be airing on Crunchyroll from October 7 for the 2023 spring anime season.

Want to catch up on the drama before Season 2 airs? Get the Girlfriend, Girlfriend manga here:

Did we miss any anime you plan on watching during the 2023 spring season? Let us know what your anime-viewing schedule looks like in the comments.


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