Here Are The Cheapest Copies Of Starfield In Australia

Here Are The Cheapest Copies Of Starfield In Australia
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Welcome to the Constellation. Starfield is an epic space odyssey, where you’ll sail through the stars and forge your own path in an expansive universe – think Skyrim in space.

Starfield takes place in a time when humans have conquered space exploration. 20 years after a great conflict dubbed, ‘the Colony War’, you’ll play as a silent character who joins the Constellation, a group of space explorers who will later visit around 1,000 planets.

Unsurprisingly, Starfield has had a heap of hype behind it, being almost eight years in the making and the biggest game that Bethesda has worked on since Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Xbox has made some hefty promises, from suggesting it will be “Bethesda’s least buggy launch ever” to “one of the most important RPGs ever made“.

Early access to the game went live last week, on September 1, and early reviews have already hailed it as “an instant classic”. As for those launch bugs, it looks like Starfield is more polished than previous Bethesda releases, although it’s certainly not free of them. You can find Kotaku Australia’s round-up of the best Starfield mods here, along with 17 tips that we wish we had known before starting the game.

If you were waiting for early reviews to drop before committing to the game, or you weren’t fussed about joining early access, Starfield is due out on September 6, exclusive to Xbox and PC. Here’s everywhere in Australia where you can grab a copy for cheap beforehand. Just make sure you’ve got plenty of disk space for it.

This article has been updated since its original publication.

Where can you get Starfield for cheap in Australia?

starfield cheapest copies australia
Image: Bethesda

The cheapest price you can currently get Starfield for both Xbox and PC is with Gorilla Gaming or Mighty Ape at $89. Behind those are Amazon Australia, Big W and JB Hi-Fi, both offering it for $99.

Starfield is also included with Game Pass, but Xbox just happened to axe the free trial for its service ahead of the game’s launch.

Preordering the Standard Edition will score you the Old Mars skin pack, which includes the Deep Mining Helmet & Pack, as well as a Laser Cutter.

Here’s where you can preorder a copy of Starfield for cheap in Australia:

Where can you get the Starfield Premium Upgrade in Australia?

Image: Bethesda

So what is the Premium Upgrade? That’s a great question.

For an extra $59.95, Xbox players can purchase this add-on, which features the Shattered Space Story Expansion upon the game’s release, the Constellation Skin Pack (featuring the Equinox Laser Rifle, Spacesuit, Helmet and Boost Pack), as well as access to the Starfield digital artbook and soundtrack.

It also includes up to five days of early access to the game, but that feature won’t be doing much for you now.

Please keep in mind that the Standard Edition of the game is sold separately, so don’t just eyeball this price and think you’re getting a bargain. You will need to purchase the base game, in addition to this upgrade.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk deals. Amazon Australia, Big W and JB Hi-Fi are offering the cheapest price for the Xbox edition of the Starfield Premium Upgrade at $59.

Here’s where you can pick up the Starfield Premium Upgrade by itself:

And here’s where you can grab the Starfield Premium Edition as a complete bundle with the base game:

Where can you buy the Starfield Collector’s Edition in Australia?

Image: Bethesda

The good stuff! And by that, we mean the goodies. While Starfield’s Collector’s Edition was available quite widely online when we originally put this piece together, the number of available retailers stocking it has thinned out since. We don’t expect this to linger around for long.

By preordering this limited edition bundle, you’ll be treated to a digital game download, a steelbook case, a Constellation Patch, a Starfield Chronomark Watch and a watch case. And honestly, the space watch is pretty damn sick and among the cooler goodies we’ve seen this year. You do also get the bonus content that comes with the Premium upgrade as a nice sweetener.

Here’s where you can preorder Starfield Collectors Edition in Australia:

Where can you get the Starfield controller and headset in Australia?

starfield cheapest copies australia
Image: Bethesda/Kotaku Australia

Oh man, we didn’t need an excuse to buy another Xbox controller or new headset, but here we are. The limited edition controller is characterised by its Constellation-inspired marking over the Xbox button, its bronze D-pad, transparent triggers and two-tone back grips. The controller is retailing for $109.95, while the Starfield headset is $169.95 – although you’ll want to be quick because fewer and fewer retailers are stocking either device.

Here’s where you can preorder the limited-edition Starfield controller:

And here’s where you preorder grab the limited-edition Starfield headset:

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