The Apex Legends Post Malone Event Is Cool, Guys

The Apex Legends Post Malone Event Is Cool, Guys

Post Malone, the Grammy-nominated and heavily tattooed musician, is a big Apex Legends fan. Last year, the well-known Octane main streamed himself playing Respawn’s battle royale to raise money for charity. So, it’s not all that surprising that the battle royale tapped Posty to be the face of its first-ever major collaboration—what is surprising, however, is how good it is.

Apex Legends

Debuting on November 7, the Apex Legends X Post Malone event will drop exclusive cosmetics inspired by outfits the singer has worn in music videos and on tour, which he himself had a hand in designing. There’s a streetwear element to all four skins, which makes them feel more like clothing you’d actually see in real life. Each cosmetic bundle will run you 3,000 Apex Coins (1,000 coins costs about $US10, 2,150 coins costs about $US20).

The four skins are as follows.

  • “Touch of Style” Octane skin
  • “Acid Wraith” Wraith skin
  • “Runaway Hit” Lifeline skin
  • “Hidden Blossoms” Horizon skin

There are also event-specific Camo Credits that you can earn from participating in the Post Malone event and use to get other, smaller cosmetics like weapon charms and holosprays.

But it’s not the cosmetics that are exciting, it’s the new limited time mode (LTM) debuting with the event called Three Strikes. LTMs are always a great way to bring back lapsed players or welcome new players into the fold, as they offer a chance for you to enjoy Apex Legends’ fantastic gunplay or try out new heroes without the pressure of a battle royale, where one mistake equates to an instant game over. And Three Strikes is a very good LTM that takes the best parts of a battle royale and more traditional deathmatch modes and smashes them together into a deliciously chaotic mode.

In Three Strikes, a squad of three will drop into the arena, but instead of your team getting eliminated from the competition after the trio dies, you’ll get (you guessed it) three chances to be the last squad standing. Revives are almost instant in this mode, so even though you can get knocked down, it’s harder to get killed outright—you can’t be, unless your entire squad is down. When that does happen, you’ll all respawn one point of interest away from where you died, with all the gear you had equipped prior to your death. You get two respawns (technically three strikes) a match. Prepare for carnage.

The Three Strikes mode and all the Post Malone cosmetics are available starting November 7. Apex Legends Season 19: Ignite (which introduced long-awaited Legend Conduit, gave the Storm Point map a facelift, and re-tooled ranked play) kicked off on October 31.

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