When The GTA 6 Trailer Will Go Live In Australian Times [Update: It’s Live Early]

When The GTA 6 Trailer Will Go Live In Australian Times [Update: It’s Live Early]

Update 5/12/23 at 1:00 PM AEDT: Following a leak of the GTA 6 trailer early this morning, Rockstar simply made the real deal available early. Read all about that here, and follow everything we know about the game here.

The GTA 6 trailer will officially drop later this week. Rockstar said the trailer would arrive in December, and it is wasting no time getting it out the door. However, Rockstar’s GTA 6 trailer post doesn’t include times for those in Australia.

The teaser image seen ’round the world was labelled with the time the trailer will drop on the US East Coast. This makes sense — Rockstar’s head office and that of its parent company, Take Two Interactive, are based in New York. But when can the ANZ region catch this trailer?

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t bother writing a yarn like this for a trailer drop. But this isn’t any ordinary trailer drop. This is GTA 6. It’s just different. One of these games appears on the horizon, and you can feel the earth begin to shake as it approaches.

Below, you’ll find drop times for the GTA 6 trailer in every Australian state and in New Zealand as well. You’ll have to stay up late if you want to catch it, so no one will blame you for sleeping in and watching it in the morning. But for the hype beasts, the posters, and the memesmiths that have to be there the moment it arrives, here’s when you can see it.

GTA 6 Trailer Drop Times In Australia And New Zealand


1:00 AM AEDT (Wednesday, December 6)


12:00 AM AEDT (Wednesday, December 6)


12:30 AM ACDT (Wednesday, December 6)


11:30 PM ACST (Tuesday, December 5)


10:00 PM AWST (Tuesday, December 5)


3:00 AM NZDT (Wednesday, December 6)

Correction: This piece previously stated the trailer would drop in NZ on December 5, when obviously it will drop on December 6. That was a typo and precisely what I get for writing on a Saturday morning. It has now been fixed. — David.

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