Man Collects 999,999 Poes In Tears Of The Kingdom. Why? Because

Man Collects 999,999 Poes In Tears Of The Kingdom. Why? Because

A Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom player has spent almost two thousand hours and six months in The Depths of Hyrule to collect 999,999 Poe purely to satisfy their curiosity.

X (formerly Twitter) user @MH_1225_squall shared their achievement online (as first reported by Automaton Media) alongside a screenshot of their inventory bursting with Poes, claiming it took them 1,8555 hours since they began collecting them in June 2023. Poe are blue will-o’-wisp esque spirit orbs found in The Depths in Tears of the Kingdom, which Link can collect to offer to Bargainer Statues for different rewards. While there’s regular Poes which give Link one more to add to the pile, Grand Poes add twenty to the count, but only respawn roughly every four hours (when there isn’t a dreaded Blood Moon).

Squall told Automaton Media in an interview that they wanted to see the maximum Poe inventory count in Tears of the Kingdom with their own eyes, which stops one short of a million of the little guys. Apparently, this gargantuan endeavour was spurred on by the player’s curiosity, and their desire to keep playing the game for a long time.

The other reason Squall said they wanted to take on the task of Poe collecting was because there were no good routes for Poe collection in Tears of the Kingdom available on strategy sites, so they developed their own by trial and error. In another X post, they shared their best route and hotspots for nabbing as many as possible – with the route in the video racking up 5,500 Poes in one four-hour stint. 

The Tears of the Kingdom player said on days where they had extra time, they’d undertake three four-hour routes to collect over 15,000 Poes and managed to nab 23,000 on the last day of their mission – a solid effort, given the player noted the game freezes when collecting more than twenty thousand without stopping. In their post, they also claim that Keese, Little Frox and Stal no longer appear once 20,000 Poes are collected.

While Squall is by no means the first Tears of the Kingdom player to go completely off-track on a major quest of their own making and put in a massive amount of game time, their efforts are definitely pretty impressive. I’ll be sticking to spending all my time in Hateno Village cooking up a storm because while he may be the Hero of Time, my version of Link has decided he’d rather be a countryside chef.

How many hours have you spent playing Tears of the Kingdom since it released last year? Let us know in the comments.

Lead Image Credit: Nintendo / @MH_1225_squall on X

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