Cult Of The Lamb Devs Say Multiplayer Isn’t ‘Off The Table’

Cult Of The Lamb Devs Say Multiplayer Isn’t ‘Off The Table’

Cult of the Lamb developer Massive Monster says multiplayer is something it would “love to do,” but for now, new content is the focus for the roguelike-cult management sim hybrid

The developer is running a 24-hour Reddit AMA (via PC Gamer) to celebrate the recent release of the free Sins of the Flesh content update, which has been met with a lot of love from the surprisingly horny Cult of the Lamb community. As part of the AMA, plenty of players have been wondering whether multiplayer functionality will ever be coming to the game.

“[It’s] something we’d love to do in the future if possible, but right now, we are focused on making the next update,” Cult of the Lamb art director James ‘Jimp’ Pearmain had to say on the topic. In another reply to one of the many multiplayer questions, community manager Lorna P. said that it was “not off the table, but we’re just focused on new content for now.” 

What exactly Cult of the Lamb multiplayer would look like is anyone’s guess, of course. Would the cult be co-led by two Lambs in a co-op style mode? Would you pit alternative cults against one another? There’s so many different options, but it looks like at least for now we’re unlikely to see multiplayer game play for some time yet, if at all.

Other common questions on the Cult of the Lamb AMA included Massive Monster’s future plans for the game and beyond. Pearmain says there will be “more DLCs” to come, and also confirmed the developer has “started thinking about our next game…See [you] in 4-5 years.” 

One user also asked if the team had considered adding modding support to the title. Apparently, the developer has discussed the possibility, and says it’s something that could be added “perhaps later down the line.” Other responses from Massive Monster confirmed that there were “no plans of yet” for modding support though. 

Cult of the Lamb has gone from strength to strength since it launched in 2022 to major success. It’s grown a huge cult following (no pun intended) off the back of the title and their cursed, but hilarious, social media. It looks like Massive Monster is keen to continue supporting the game for some time to come with new content and updates before looking to future projects. 

If you’ve yet to play Cult of the Lamb, the new Sins of the Flesh update is free and available now to add more delightful debauchery to the game. Have you tried it out yet? Let us know in the comments.

Image: Massive Monster, Devolver Digital

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