Sorry Cultists, New Cult Of The Lamb Expansion Won’t Be The ‘Sex Update’

Sorry Cultists, New Cult Of The Lamb Expansion Won’t Be The ‘Sex Update’

Cult of the Lamb is getting a new free major content update, titled ‘Sins of the Flesh,’ but developers Massive Monster are assuring fans that this isn’t the much-memed ‘sex update’ to the smash-hit roguelite they’ve been waiting for.

The new Cult of the Lamb content update was announced on Steam and X (formerly Twitter) last week and is slated to go live early next year (apparently “like, very early”) and is “packed with new features, stories, and more!”  The team said they’ve been “working extremely hard on this update, and there is soooo much more content coming to the game!” While this news in and of itself is exciting for fans of the Aussie roguelite-colony sim hybrid, it’s the name of the update and the key art that has fans lauding it as the ‘sex update.’

Sins of the Flesh was announced alongside an image of the titular Lamb and their followers dancing around a bonfire in nothing but some tasteful leaves to cover themselves. Fans took to Steam forums to share their excitement that the running community meme of a sex update could actually be real. “FINALLY THE SEX UPDATE,” one user commented, while many others drew conclusions from the announcement to the same end. The two followers seemingly aggressively macking on in the top right corner of the key art really adds more fuel to the bonfire, too.

While Cult of the Lamb’s official X account hasn’t shied away from memes or satire relating to the game (need I remind you of the beef with Angry Bird, complete with cursed art of the Lamb and bird tongue kissing), Massive Monster did swoop into the Steam forums to confirm that no, Sins of the Flesh isn’t the sex update after all.

After one user shared concerns that they wouldn’t be able to play Cult of the Lamb in front of their kids if the sex update rumours were true, the Massive Monster community manager confirmed that “the ‘sex update’ is more of a meme in the community. One some people are really running with…the age rating hopefully won’t change after this update, as we made sure content adheres to guidelines. Obviously, everyone is different but I doubt you won’t be able to play in front of your kids if you do already!”

While the above might be disappointing news for Cult of the Lamb players really keen to see their followers get it on for some reason, Sins of the Flesh is still bound to have a huge amount of new content players will get around on launch. The previous free expansion, Relics of the Old Faith, added a whole heap of new content including new challenge modes, enemies, and relics, among other things.

Over a year since its initial release, Cult of the Lamb has continued to gain loyal cultists (players) and rave reviews for its cute-yet-creepy art style, absolutely banging soundtrack, and addictive gameplay. The sex update may not be coming to the roguelite (yet), but Massive Monster has plenty of other content to bring players as they build their cults and sacrifice in the name of The One Who Waits.

Lead Image Credit: Massive Monster / Devolver Digital

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