PSVR2 Could Be Getting PC Support Soon (And Thank God)

PSVR2 Could Be Getting PC Support Soon (And Thank God)

Tucked away in a blog post, Sony today confirmed it is testing PC support for the PSVR2, with the goal of making this a reality some time this year. The headset was originally designed to only work for PS5 since launching twelve months ago.

In an official blog post outlining titles coming soon to the PSVR2, Sony said testing PC support would mean it could “offer even more variety” to players in addition to the current PS5 VR lineup. “We’re pleased to share that we are currently testing the ability for PSVR2 players to access additional games on PC to offer even more game variety in addition to the PSVR2 titles available through PS5,” the post reads. “We hope to make this support available in 2024, so stay tuned for more updates.”

The PS VR2 has only ever been able to work exclusively with a PS5. However, Sony has been decidedly coy up until this point about whether PC functionality would ever be a possibility. The original PSVR has unofficial PC support, but Sony’s announcement suggests the newest iteration of the headset could finally allow players to make use of it beyond the limited roster of PS5 games.

At launch, the PSVR2 was “backed by a 40+ game launch window lineup,” which included Horizon Call of the Mountain, and compatible titles like Resident Evil Village. Today’s announcement seems pretty carefully worded, which could suggest that PC support will only go so far – such as support for selected PC titles as opposed to a free-for-all. As it stands, the PSVR2 game lineup is pretty anaemic in comparison to what VR headset owners can access via PC, and it’s possible Sony has recognised this and wants to expand to get players more excited for the PS VR2. Increasing the range of choice available to headset owners would certainly take some of the heat off Sony to produce a massive catalogue of titles on their own when they’re already preparing for a quiet year on the first-party game home front for the PS5.

Regardless of what PC support might look like for the PSVR2, Sony seems primed to provide an update at some point in 2024 for players eager to use the headset beyond the small lineup of titles currently available. We’ll be keeping our eye out for further announcements as they come.

What are your thoughts on PC support for the PSVR2?

Image: Sony, Kotaku Australia

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