Australian Pricing On PSVR2 Launch Games Is Here, Horizon Going For Full Fare

Australian Pricing On PSVR2 Launch Games Is Here, Horizon Going For Full Fare

After setting preorders for its new PlayStation VR 2 live yesterday, Sony has dropped pricing for almost all the games arriving on the PSVR2 at launch. While a great many of them are priced at or around the VR standard of $30-$50 per experience, there’s pricing on a couple of titles that have raised eyebrows locally.

Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge: Enhanced Edition will run PSVR2 owners $75.95, up from $38.99 on Meta’s Oculus Store. That’s a hike of almost $37 for what appears to be a suite of PlayStation-specific control and feedback enhancements.

However, even that lives in the shadow of Horizon: Call of the Mountain, priced at the full-blooded PS5 RRP of $109.95. We certainly hope that the Horizon VR spin-off is a complete and meaty experience if Sony is going to price it in the same tier as a fully-fledged, new-release PS5 title (which I suppose it is, but still). Does this make Horizon: Call of the Wild the most expensive VR game for a home platform on the market? After casting around a bit, I think it might be. If you’ve seen pricier, let me know in the comments. At the very least, coming from a first-party PlayStation studio, you all but have a guarantee of the experience being a showcase for the hardware and blowing the bloody doors off. But if it turns out to be a 30-minute, on-rails tech demo, I’m going to be well cranky.

With all that in mind, here’s the full list of PSVR2 games on the PlayStation store. We’ll update this list as more titles and prices are added in the months leading up to launch.

List Of PSVR2 Launch Games With Australian Pricing

Horizon: Call of the Mountain – $109.95

Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge: Enhanced Edition – $75.95

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution – $59.95

Demeo – $59.95 ($46.96 for PS Plus subscribers)

Cosmonious High – $53.95 (or $43.16 for PS Plus subscribers)

Cities VR: Enhanced Edition – $44.95 (or $40.45 for PS Plus subscribers)

Hello Neighbour: Search and Rescue – $44.95 (or $40.45 for PS Plus subscribers)

The Light Brigade – $37.95 (or $32.25 for PS Plus subscribers)

Tentacular – $37.95 (or $34.15 for PS Plus subscribers)

Crossfire: Sierra Squad – No price, wishlist only

The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR – No price, wishlist only

Firewall Ultra – No price, wishlist only

Jurassic World Aftermath Collection – No price, wishlist only

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