Fortnite Now Lets You Make Your Own Lego Games Inside It

Fortnite Now Lets You Make Your Own Lego Games Inside It

The partnership between Lego and Fortnite is expanding even more. Epic announced at GDC that players can now create and share games within Fortnite using Lego-themed assets.

On March 20, during Epic’s Unreal keynote at GDC 2024, the company behind one of the most popular games in the world—Fortnite—and the engine that powers it—Unreal—talked about the future of both. The biggest news was likely that finally, after a popular Lego survival mode was added to the game last year, Epic is adding tools and features to let anyone create their own big or small Lego adventures and share them online in Fortnite across all platforms.

Starting Tuesday, new Lego tools, templates, and assets are available in both Fortnite’s creative mode and its more advanced PC-based software, Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN).

According to Epic, all Lego-designed islands will follow the same rules as other user-generated content in the popular online game; however, there are some additional rules and restrictions, too. Lego mandates that “all published Lego islands” must have an ESRB rating of E10+ or lower to be accessible in the United States.

The Lego Group will also be taking a cut of all the money users make through Epic’s engagement-tracking revenue-sharing policy.

In exchange for creating LEGO Islands, you agree to share 15% of your total island payout with The LEGO Group. Epic will automatically deduct this amount from your engagement payout and distribute it to The LEGO Group, and you will receive the remainder.

Epic Games

While most creators won’t make more than a few hundred dollars at most from their creations, we’ve seen some big hits on the platform—like the Fortnite version of Only Up—bring in much, much more. Only Up reportedly made its creator over $US1 million.

So there’s serious money to be made in Fortnite and it seems Lego wants even more of a piece of that large pie. Meanwhile, players can now create wild and weird Lego worlds in Fortnite as the game continues to become a giant entertainment platform attracting the likes of Lady Gaga,Disney, the NFL, DC, and many more.

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