10 Games From The Palestinian Relief Bundle To Play First

10 Games From The Palestinian Relief Bundle To Play First

The latest bundle on indie game storefront itch.io, known for donating some of its proceeds to a good cause, is the Palestinian Relief Bundle. With Palestinians suffering unspeakable loss, along with starvation, a massive shortage of healthcare resources, and other humanitarian issues, the bundle is raising funds for the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund. The organization helps deliver essentials such as food, water, and medical aid to those in need. The Palestinian Relief Bundle has collected over 300 games, including indie darlings like Coffee Talk, and is asking only eight dollars, all of which go to the fund. It’s a great price that goes to a great cause and will net you some great games. But where do you even start with that many games to choose from?

Here are ten of the best indies in itch.io’s Palestinian Relief Bundle that justify its already-low price.


Image: Analgesic Productions

If you are a fan of Zelda-likes then Anodyne is for you. From developer Analgesic Production, the team behind 2022’s great indie platformer Sephonie, Anodyne is a nostalgic retro charmer. While it has delightful puzzles and dungeons, the further you push the more the world unravels around you in interesting ways.

A Short Hike

Image: adamgryu

As much as I love a lengthy RPG, a short, constrained experience is always a breath of fresh air. The aptly named A Short Hike is a great game to pick up and finish in a single sitting between those larger RPG experiences. Tasked with climbing to the top of a mountain, players will quickly fall in love with the charming world and characters of this cozy adventure.

Bossgame: The Final Boss Is My Heart

Image: Lilycore Games

When it comes to mobile games, Bossgame is one of the most inventive and fun in recent memory. Combat takes the form of rhythm-based boss rush encounters and is intercut with short story moments expanding upon the relationship between protagonists Sophie and Anna. It’s a cute queer story with engaging combat.

Brush Burial

Image: Knife Demon Software

Stealth immersive sims never get old for me. Be it Thief or Dishonored, I will always fall in love with a game that lets me sneak around and outsmart my opponents. That’s the same feeling I get playing Brush Burial, a low-fi stealth immersive sim inspired by the likes of Thief. The twist is that you play as an eldritch monster with unique abilities. Brush Burial rewards exploration and experimentation.

Coffee Talk

Image: Toge Productions

The cozy visual novel about serving warm drinks to fairytale creatures remains one of the most relaxing gaming experiences out there. It’s the comfort of a warm cup of coffee and the knowledge that you have a regular spot where you know the barista’s name and they know your regular order. The game breaks up visual novel storytelling with coffee shop simulator gameplay—it’s a match made in heaven.

Hyper Gunsport

Image: Necrosoft Games

Hyper Gunsport is a great game to play with friends. The arcade sci-fi game centers around a futuristic sport that combines volleyball and guns in fast-paced matches, with a story mode and a local co-op option for multiplayer shenanigans.

Lucah: Born of a Dream

Image: Syndicate Atomic

If you recently picked up Death of a Wish but never played its predecessor then now is the time. Lucah: Born of a Dream plays a lot like its sequel, with fast-paced Soulslike combat in an isometric perspective featuring a sketched-out art style. It’s a lot to take in but it’s handled excellently, and its core story about trauma effortlessly ties into the combat.

Resist Resist Resist

Image: Infinite Tears

An entry in the Towards a Free Palestine game jam, an event held late last year to create games centered around the idea of how to build a free Palestine, Resist Resist Resist is a game about the Palestinian struggle against Israeli occupation. If you want to engage with the bundle’s goals beyond just giving it your money in exchange for fun games, Resist Resist Resist is a great, interactive way to learn more about the realities of the Palestinian struggle.

They Bleed Pixels

Image: Spooky Squid Games Inc.

This beat ‘em-up platformer adds a unique twist to the tough-as-nails platformer genre. When enough enemies are killed and a certain amount of blood is spilled, you create respawn points. This means players not only need to navigate tough platforming but also constantly engage with the Devil May Cry-inspired combat to make progress easier. It’s a neat feature that amps up the excitement of every level in They Bleed Pixels.


Image: System Erasure

System Erasure may be better known for developing the incredible puzzle game Void Stranger, but ZeroRanger is equally as impressive. A send-up of the shoot ‘em up (or shmup) genre that offers surprising difficulty while also being beginner-friendly, ZeroRanger is a beautiful and challenging experience for all. The game has modern sensibilities and accessibility features while keeping the core of what makes shmups great.

Of course, these ten picks barely scratch the surface of everything available in the Palestinian Relief Bundle. Consider this a starting point and not an exhaustive list, there are plenty more hidden gems waiting to be found in the bundle.

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