Devious CS2 Map Maker Leaves Players Extremely Tilted (In A Good Way)

Devious CS2 Map Maker Leaves Players Extremely Tilted (In A Good Way)

If Counter Strike 2 has already become to boring for you and you’re looking for a new challenge, why not try getting tilted?

Wait, no, not like that.

CS2 map maker Lillykyu has unleashed her latest creation, a version of de_nuke that tilts the entire level on a 45-degree angle. The result is a version of CS2 that plays like a totally different game. Suddenly, the game has a shocking amount of verticality, the level’s tilt allowing for wall-running and leaping trick shots that wouldn’t have been possible in the normal orientation. The bodies of the dead slump to the ground and are carried away by gravity. Objects that feel like they shouldn’t be scalable suddenly become a vital part of the geometry.

Witness the madness:

Lillykyu is known in the CS2 community as a map maker with the heart of a trickster goblin. Previous creations have included a Minecraft level and shooting gallery level that mimics the NES classic Duck Hunt. If there is a way to mess with CS2 level in ways that will make it borderland unplayable for a laugh, Lilly will go for it.

You can try de_nuke 45° for yourself on the Steam Workshop.

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