GTA Online’s Next Update Will Add Police Missions And Bounty Hunting

GTA Online’s Next Update Will Add Police Missions And Bounty Hunting

Grand Theft Auto Online’s next big summer update arrives in June and will add new bounty hunting and police missions to Rockstar’s massively popular crime simulator. Also coming in the future update: New props and modes for the in-game content creator, and some more quality-of-life improvements, too.

GTA Online might be over a decade old at this point, but it’s still making Rockstar and its parent company Take-Two Interactive boatloads of money every month. So the online crime MMO continues to receive updates, even as we get closer and closer to GTA 6’s Fall 2025 launch. This time around, GTA Online’s next update will seemingly take a page from GTA roleplayers and add some law enforcement and bounty-hunting action to the mix.

As announced by Rockstar Games on June 5, GTA Online’s next big free update will let players open their very own bail enforcement and bounty-hunting business in San Andreas. In an image shared by Rockstar announcing the update, it appears that players will also get some new bounty hunter cosmetics featuring a badge and armor vest.

The update will also add new police dispatch missions from Vincent—a character first seen in the casino update. He apparently needs some help “enforcing his authority” without “official oversight.”

So it sounds like these Los Santos-based police missions—which will utilize a “souped-up” police cruiser—might not be officially sanctioned police business. That’s probably for the best considering all of our GTA Online characters have extremely long criminal records.

New content creator features and much more

Besides the police and bounty hunter missions being added to the game, this month’s upcoming update will also add the ability to make Drift and Drag races in GTA Online’s content creator tool. Rockstar is also adding new tools and props to the creator, as well, to help folks make even wilder and cooler events.

As is expected with a new GTA Online update, Rockstar is also promising new cars will be added to the game. On top of all that, here are some quality-of-life changes that Rockstar will be implementing in the update:

  • Payouts will be increased on a “number of existing modes and missions” including Taxi Work, Open Wheel Races, many contact missions, and Operation Paper Trail.
  • Rockstar is increasing the amount of time you get in Biker and Gunrunning “Sell Missions” to help make it “easier for solo players.” That’s nice!
  • Snacks, which give you health, will now automatically replenish when launching most missions.
  • The Sparrow helicopter and Bombushaka airplane will have their armor buffed, too.

Rockstar says these are just some of the changes that will be implemented in the future update.

While this upcoming GTA Online patch might not be the biggest one the game has ever received, it still sounds like it could be fun, especially for all the aspiring vigilantes out there. And it’s nice to see the game continuing, even as we get closer and closer to the release of GTA 6 aka the only game that can possibly topple GTA Online’s success.

GTA Online’s next big update will be out later this month on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.


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