The $US49.99 ($67) season pass for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare gets you four map packs with four new multiplayer maps each. What it doesn't guarantee is that these new maps will actually come up in multiplayer matches online. In my experience so far, playing a DLC map is like finding a unicorn.


We're rapidly approaching the end of Destiny, a video game in which players must travel through space, finding dumb ways to entertain themselves. And now a team of raiders has done the dumbest, most impressive thing yet: beating every raid boss, challenge modes activated, without firing a single gun. Oh, and nobody died.


Say you're trying your hardest in Overwatch, and there's a player or two on your team blatantly not giving a shit. Maybe it's Symmetra dropping a teleporter to a completely useless part of the map, or Roadhog just sitting down on the ground miles away from the action.

If you're playing on PC, no problem: just report the player and move on. But if you're on consoles, the process is either too aggressive or doesn't exist at all, leaving a system that's ripe for abuse.


On the surface, Zelda: Breath of the Wild doesn't have much in common with the new sci-fi thriller Prey. While the games are different in a lot of ways, both are well-made simulations that reward experimentation and exploration. And both give you fun ways to climb around.


Prey is a tense, moody game that makes you distrust everyday objects because they might secretly be monsters. Whether you're just launching the game or well into your exploration of Talos I, here are some tips for making it through.