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With all the incredibly talented cosplayers sharing their costumes online, often those who achieve widespread recognition are recognised more for an uncanny facial resemblance to the characters they're cosplaying. While technically the point of cosplay is to resemble the character as much as possible, in practice cosplay is so much more than that. Now cosplayers are speaking out to say "I cosplay characters because I like them."


It's almost Halloween, and while it's nowhere near as big here as it is over in the US, you've probably got a costume party or two to go to. Want to have the best damn costume in the house, or maybe win a local costume contest? There's no one better to turn to for advice than the people who do costumes best, all year round: cosplayers.


Cosplayers have long done creative things to get the perfect fabric for their costumes -- whether it's getting fabric printed online or doing it all by hand with screen printing inks or fabric paint. Cosplayer Yaya Han has gone above and beyond, partnering with CosplayFabrics and Jo-Anns, a fabric and craft store in the US, to design the perfect range of cosplay fabric.


If you're at all interested in cosplay then you've probably heard the rumours of so-called "professional cosplayers" -- people like Jessica Nigri and Yaya Han who make costumes and fly around the world, presumably making bucketloads of cash from it. Yet the reality is that the number of people actually making a living from cosplay can probably be counted on one hand, for one simple reason -- cosplayers are expected to work for free.


Australia is full of amazing cosplayers -- and that's not a point that's open to discussion. All you have to do is look around at a convention like PAX Aus, or Supanova, and you'll see the kind of quality that our relatively small community is capable of. Like every community, however, some of the people making amazing costumes are too busy well… making amazing costumes to ever seek the limelight they deserve.


It's hot. It was raining ten minutes ago and I've just returned from touching up my smudged makeup in the bathroom -- only to start sweating it off again the minute I get outside. I'm waiting for my friend who has spent the whole morning applying her full body paint, only now arriving at the convention at 2pm. She'll probably leave again in two hours just to start taking it all off again. This is the PAX experience for your average cosplayer.