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Companies like the Japanese fashion brand Uniqlo and the anime streaming service Crunchyroll have been turning your favourite anime series into small collections of T-shirts and accessories. Every time one of these collections drops, I find myself making a mental wishlist of the pieces I want, even if I don’t really need new clothes. To find out how they keep pulling me in, I asked Uniqlo and Crunchyroll what it takes to make a quality anime streetwear collection. It seems like the answer boils down to one thing: truly loving anime.


Darling in the Franxx is a show about children fighting monsters in giant robots, but through its 24 episodes, it undergoes a metamorphosis from teen melodrama with mecha to a galactic-scale conflict. This transition isn’t very smooth, however, and by the finale, Darling feels like a beautifully animated series that never quite sticks the landing.