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The internet has progressed - or regressed, depending on who you ask - to the point where we can communicate entirely with gifs. Nvidia highlights now has gif support so you can add your best gaming moments to your vocabulary of The Simpsons and The Good Place gifs.


If you like to capture your PC gameplay, but don't care enough to use some serious software like Xsplit or OBS, Nvidia's GeForce Experience has some pretty decent gameplay recording -- with one big flaw. Up until now, at least. It's finally getting a much-needed update with the ability to balance in-game audio with your mic, with separate track recording.


Earlier this year NVIDIA announced they would be bringing their in-game photography tech, Ansel, to a whole range of games as the year rolled out. It's incredibly cool, and you can take some remarkably gorgeous shots with it.

Alternatively, you can be a massive dickhead like me and check out everyone's dental work.


About a year ago, NVIDIA quietly put everyone on notice. If you wanted the latest drivers and the latest updates to their GeForce Experience middleware program, you'd have to register an account. Simply forking out for a NVIDIA GPU wasn't enough; you had to hand over some of your details.

GeForce Experience has quietly motored on since then, but could be about to change. NVIDIA has rolled out an update to the beta branch of the software that completely overhauls the user interface and the way the ShadowPlay/Share software is packaged. And if you want any of it, you'll have to login.


For years people have happily gone through NVIDIA's site to get the latest and greatest drivers for their Big Green cards. New beta? Time to get a new driver. Major AAA release? There's a new driver. The GeForce Experience application made it a little easier to keep track of proceedings, although it wasn't always great and sometimes resulted in some software conflicts.

But if you want to keep downloading the latest Game Ready drivers into the future, you'll have to have GeForce Experience installed -- and you'll have to give your email over to the GPU manufacturer, too.