granblue fantasy versus

  • Granblue Fantasy Versus Adds Buff Grandpa Soriz On April 7

    Every fighting game needs a muscle-bound older gentleman to show those young whippersnappers what’s what. In Granblue Fantasy Versus that old man is Soriz, a former weapon crafter who decided he was the greatest weapon of them all. He also enjoys wearing loincloths. He’s coming to the game on April 7.

  • Oh Hey, Granblue Fantasy Versus Is Coming To Steam March 13

    Granblue Fantasy Versus, the gorgeous Arc System Works fighting game based on the popular mobile role-playing game, isn’t just for PlayStation 4 players anymore. Cygames has announced a Steam version of the anime brawler is dropping March 13, a mere 10 days after its North American PS4 debut. Surprise?