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Australia has a long, proud history of making video games extending back to the (figurative) dawn of time. But while plenty of gamers will remember the days of Shane Warne Cricket and our contributions to much more serious genres (like Dark Reign and Krush, Kill N Destroy), contributions over the last couple of years are sometimes forgotten.

So to help celebrate our national day of not being at work and generally overeating, here's a look at 7 of the best Australian games of recent times.


We first wrote about Push Me Pull You almost two years ago. I was excited for this messed up video game back then and I'm excited about it now. Finally, it's gotten an official release date.

It makes its debut on the PlayStation 4 on May 3.

And it has the best trailer.


What's sometimes missed in the narrative surrounding Australian games development is the high level of innovation developers are bringing to the table. Parallels: The Freeplay 2014 Showcase is an event designed to display that high level of creativity with some of the most innovative games currently being made in this country. You should totally go!


An aspiring filmmaker who made a documentary about heartbreak. An artist obsessed with making our lives malleable. A second artist who spent years drawing the human form. A game designer who transformed mathematics into a video game.

Together these four individuals created Push Me Pull You. An Australian video game about human beings made by human beings.

It’s disgusting.