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We’re so close to being free from the freezing cold of winter. Spring is nearly upon us, with its budding flowers, twittering birds, and the scent of pollen in the air. We’re not scientists, but we’re pretty sure it’s scientific fact that these are the perfect conditions to read a ton of new comics in. Good thing there’s some on the way!


A new year is upon us, filled with new opportunities and new hopes ... and lots of new comics for you read instead of fulfilling those new opportunities and hopes. Unless they were "read more comics," because boy howdy, do we have some new series we're looking forward to in the first few months of the year to show you!


Let's be real: Comics are kind of a year-round thing. But spring is a time of new beginnings, which makes it the perfect time to pick up a new comic book. So it's a good thing that there are a ton of new comics on the way! Here's our picks of the wonderful new books you'll want to get to know in the coming months.


Winter is nearly at it end, and as publishers put away its big events and crazy twists for the latter part of the year, getting ready to replace them with... well, more big events and crazy twists! Here's our guide to the very best new comic series you'll want keeping you company in the warmer months. Warning: There are a lot.


The 2016 US Presidential election has certainly been one of the weirdest campaigns in a very long time. So why not make it just that little bit weirder? That's Valiant's plan, with the announcement that presumptive democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is teaming up with high-flying superhero Zephyr for a special issue.


Last Saturday (May 7) was the happiest day of the year for comics fans: Free Comic Book Day, which is both a celebration of the hobby and a chance to read tons of new comics given away without paying a cent! While some are reprints, most contain awesome new material -- and here's our guide to what we hope you were able to pick up!


While Civil War II rages and DC plans its Rebirth, Valiant Comics is heading to the far future for its own winter comics event, 4001 A.D. -- and with it comes an intriguing new character called the War Mother. We spoke with writer Fred Van Lente to talk about what this new hero will bring to 4001 A.D. and the Valiant Universe at large.