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Punch-Out!! To Hit In August, Only At JB Hi-Fi

Nintendo has confirmed that Punch-Out!! for Wii will be launching in Australia next month. The catch? You can only get it at one retailer.

Speaking to Kotaku late last week, Nintendo Australia managing director Rose Lappin revealed the eagerly-anticipated date and the retailer-exclusive agreement. When asked about the boxing title, which was released in the US and the UK last month, Lappin said:

“Yes, we are bringing Punch-Out in. It’s coming in late August, but as an exclusive with one retailer.”

When asked if she could say which retailer, Lappin said: “Yep, it’s JB Hi-Fi.”

“To be honest we didn’t have a lot of requests for the game,” she contined. “There’s a few people… there’s a lot of noise but not a lot of sales, that sort of thing. However there was one retailer that was chasing it, so that’s why we’ve decided to go that way. Of course, if it continues and consumers want it then that’s what we’re here for. At the end of the day if we don’t support consumers then we don’t have a business. We’re certainly here to work with what people want.”

So, basically, most retailers weren’t excited by Punch-Out!!, at least in terms of how many copies they could sell. However, JB Hi-Fi were a little excited – understandably, given the boxing sim’s NES heritage positions it as something of a core gamer’s game – and have arranged an exclusive with Nintendo.

Expect an exact release date to be confirmed soon. UPDATE: Looks like the date is August 27, according to the listing on the Nintendo Channel, as reported by Vooks. (Thanks Jordan!)

So, since it would seem not many of you were interested in preordering Punch-Out!! before, who’s now keen to pick it up next month?

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