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Dead Island Has A Pre-Order Bonus That Is Actually Useful

Although I may be in the minority here, I’ve never been a huge fan of pre-order bonuses – but this Dead Island deal? This is something I can get behind.

If you pre-order Dead Island at EB Games, you get the following…

– Dead Island game (of course)
– Turtle Beach X11 Headset
– LC Ripper weapon DLC
– Bloodbath Arena DLC

The (most likely) useless DLC additions I can do without, but a Turtle Beach X11 headset? That’s something that may actually help enhance my gaming experience. The X11 is, admittedly, the low-end entry point into the Turtle Beach range – you can pay up to $279.95 for the higher end models – but the fact that they manage to combine communication from the Xbox headset, and sound from the game itself, makes the X11s a pretty awesome pair of headphones to own.

The whole package comes in at $129.95, and with the Turtle Beach headsets retailing at $59.95, it seems like a decent deal (if you want to go traditional retail that is)!

Head here for more info.

Thanks Tad!

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