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All This Avengers Hype Makes Me Wish This Video Game Was Released...

Despite the fact I live 20 metres away from a cinema, I still haven’t had the chance to see The Avengers yet. But all this hype has got me wondering precisely why THQ spent $16 million acquiring the license, then countless more millions developing the game, only to cancel it. Particularly when the pre-alpha footage looked so solid.

The Avengers game was the final project THQ Studio Australia was working on before its closure last year. When I was informed the game was actually shaping up well, I was cynical, but it did actually look like a well put together video game. This footage is pretty old — we first had a look at it last September — but I thought since everyone is going Avengers nuts at the moment, it might be worth revisiting.

For pre-alpha footage it looks great. The combat mechanics — particularly Iron Man’s — look well polished and, most importantly, fun.

Shame this never made it to market.

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