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Melbourne Breaks The World Cosplay Record (And Solid Snake Dances To Dubstep)

In spite of the rain this weekend 470 cosplayers turned up in Federation Square, Melbourne, to help break the world record for ‘largest crowd dressed as video game characters. 470 turned up, smashing the previous record of 425. Also — Solid Snake broke it down to the funkiest dubstep beats (is that how kids talk nowadays?)

AIE Melbourne, who helped organise the event, had over 600 registrations, but possible duplicates, or no-shows may have resulted in the number being slightly smaller than originally anticipated — but still… world record!

Also. Solid Snake busting out fresh moves to the bang boogie.

Amazing. Congrats to AIE and everyone involved!

If anyone has any awesome pics from the event, feel free to send them here and we’ll do a gallery!

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