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How Dead Space 3 Became Free At JB Hi-Fi For Some Pre-Order Customers

JB H-Fi have stopped taking pre-orders for the Dead Space 3 Limited Edition, and will not be able to fulfil existing pre-orders for the game — they are, however, offering a free standard edition of the game to anyone affected.

If you have your heart set on the Limited Edition and have pre-ordered through JB Hi-Fi, you might want to check on its status sometime between now and the 7th of February, when the game is released.

Speaking to JB games representatives, it appears existing pre-orders will not be able to be fulfilled due to an exclusive arrangement with “another retailer”, and all platforms are affected. EB Games is still accepting pre-orders.

UPDATE: EA Australia has confirmed that the Limited Edition is exclusive to EB Games. The confusion was caused by an “advertising error”.

The following email has been sent to all JB pre-order customers:

Hi Guys,

Unfortunately we have been advised that we will not able to fulfil Dead Space 3 Limited Edition pre orders taken via JB Hi-Fi Online and in JB Hi-Fi stores.

This is disappointing for both you the customer and JB Hi-Fi. As a token of good faith customers who have pre ordered Dead Space 3 Limited Edition from JB Hi-Fi will be receiving a copy of Dead Space 3 Standard free of charge. Only customers with active Limited Edition pre orders at time of release are applicable to receive a copy of Dead Space 3 Standard.

Please keep your order open at this stage, we will cancel your order approx. 1 week before release to ensure no charge is made to your account. Your game will ship shortly after.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any queries or concerns please contact our customer service staff.

Kind regards,

[Redacted] | Online Customer Service

JB Hi-Fi Group Pty Ltd

The good news is, anyone who has already pre-ordered the Limited Edition through JB Hi-Fi is being offered a standard edition of the game, completely free of charge. That means a full refund on the Limited Edition, and then a free standard edition.

Whether you then go to EB and buy a Limited Edition again is up to you — how much do those extra suits and guns mean to you?

You can check out our hands-on of Dead Space 3, and an interview with Producer John Calhoun, here.

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