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Ubisoft Is Making A New Might & Magic Game That *Isn't* A Puzzler

I have a strange relationship with Might & Magic — it’s almost as I fell through the cracks. When I was young and dumb it was an RPG-type thing on PC and Amiga. I tried to play it as a kid because it reviewed so highly in the magazines I read, but it was just too complicated for my flaccid young brain to comprehend. Before I knew it, Might & Magic had puzzled itself up on the DS, and I was even more confuzzled.

Now Ubisoft has announced Might & Magic X: Legacy, a game which is set to re-establish Might & Magic as the RPG series it was once known as. It’s running under the tagline, “Old School, New Rules” which could mean… anything really, but I’m interested to see precisely how Ubisoft tries to reinterpret what is, as the trailer above states, a pretty old school type of game. You’d imagine Ubisoft would want to hit a broad audience with this one, or maybe it intends to go super niche.

Either way, the trailer doesn’t give much away. Apparently the game is showing at PAX East which, coincidentally, is where I will be tomorrow — so stay tuned for more information. I should be getting the chance to play it at some point over the weekend. I wonder if my brain is now big enough to understand…

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