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When A New Game Could Cost $10 Less Than Its Console

Not just a Super Nintendo system, but a system bundled with Killer Instinct as seen in this ancient Electronics Boutique ad from back in 1996 posted by Redditor sketchbreaker.

EB Games Is Being Taken To A Tribunal For The Alleged Abuse And Underpayment Of Staff

In July 2015, Kotaku Australia published a report on working conditions at EB Games in Australia.

In the wake of that report, and an official complaint to the Anti-Discrimination Board, many of the sources involved — ‘Randall’ and three other former EB Games employees — went into mediation with EB Games in an attempt to get a full apology and compensation for the treatment they allegedly received at the hands of EB Games management.

That mediation has failed. Now Randall is planning to take EB Games to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal for a final resolution.

Inside EB Games: When The Dream Job Becomes A Nightmare

In the beginning, everyone loves working at EB Games.

The dream job: being involved with the games industry, with like-minded people who have the same hobbies, enjoy the same things, speak the same language. A place where everyone loves video games. Of course they do; why else would they be working at EB Games?

We spoke to a number of people for whom working at EB was a dream job.

That dream job would turn into a nightmare.

Batman: Arkham Knight Won't Be Fixed On PC Until Spring, Claims Leaked Email

An internal email sent to EB Games staff members claims that, according to Warner, the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight will not be fixed until Spring.

EB Games has already removed all PC versions of the game from stores but — as a result of this news — now intends to send all PC copies of the game back to Warner.

All The Times EB Games Had A Sale

You won’t believe this, because they’re so subtle, but every so often EB Games has a sale.

Batman: Arkham Knight Batmobile Edition Cancelled One Week Before Release

Warner Bros. has confirmed to us that its Batman: Arkham Knight Collector’s Edition has been cancelled.

The Fallout 4 'Pip-Boy' Edition Is An EB Games Exclusive

Today at its E3 conference, Bethesda announced the ‘Pip-Boy’ pre-order edition of Fallout 4. People got excited.

Here’s the bad news: the Pip-Boy Edition is exclusive to EB Games.

EB Games Is Having A Stock Clearance Sale

Good sales don’t typically come through your traditional brick and mortar retail outlets, but EB Games is currently running a stock clearance sale and it’s — surprise — actually worth checking out.

EB Games Is Having A Massive Online Sale

Look it’s no Steam sale. You’re not going to find FTL in there for the price of a cup of coffee, but you might find a decent price on some AAA retail games. Go nuts people.

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