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In today's gaming world, most people either are cosplayers, know a cosplayer or follow one on social media. It seems EB Expo has cottoned on to this fact, and they're getting in on the trend. Kinda.

They're not inviting cosplay guests, or offering their high-stakes cosplay comp again. This year, they're adding a cosplay repair station and cloak room -- and charging cosplayers $300 to actually use them.

It's not often that a brick-and-mortar retailer captures your attention in the middle of a gargantuan Steam sale, but that's how the tide has gone in the last few years. The sales just aren't as good any more -- and the fact that Australians still get slugged in US dollars makes it even less enticing.

But that's the opportunity EB are taking up right now, with a end of financial year sale. There's plenty of games that priced at surprisingly reasonable levels.

In July 2015, Kotaku Australia published a report on working conditions at EB Games in Australia.

In the wake of that report and an official complaint to the Anti-Discrimination Board, many of the sources involved -- ‘Randall’ and three other former EB Games employees -- went into mediation with EB Games, in an attempt to get a full apology and compensation for the treatment they allegedly received at the hands of EB Games management.

That mediation has failed. Now Randall is planning to take EB Games to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal for a final resolution.

In the beginning, everyone loves working at EB Games.

The dream job. being involved with the games industry, with like-minded people who have the same hobbies, enjoy the same things, speak the same language. A place where everyone loves video games. Of course they do; why else would they be working at EB Games?

We spoke to a number of people for whom working at EB was a dream job.

That dream job would turn into a nightmare.