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EB Games Is Having A Stock Clearance Sale

Good sales don’t typically come through your traditional brick and mortar retail outlets, but EB Games is currently running a stock clearance sale and it’s — surprise — actually worth checking out.

EB Games Is Having A Massive Online Sale

Look it’s no Steam sale. You’re not going to find FTL in there for the price of a cup of coffee, but you might find a decent price on some AAA retail games. Go nuts people.

It's December, Which Means EB Games Is Having Another Mad Monday Sale

In what’s become a bit of a seasonal discount tradition, EB Games announced on Facebook yesterday that it’ll be having another 24-hour sale, starting at midnight tonight.

There Are A Lot Of EBs Opening For The Destiny Midnight Launch

Australian retailers are clearly expecting big things from Destiny next week (probably rightly so). EB Games has just released the list of stores it’ll be opening on Monday night in preparation for the launch and I can’t remember ever seeing a list as large as this.

EB Games Having 'Biggest Sale Ever', Hyperbole Free

This just in from the exaggeration police: EB Games are actually having quite a standard sale, for them, despite stores being decorated as if it’s Carnivale. Still, there are quite a few good finds in there.

EB Games Made A Titanfall Titan From Empty Xbox Boxes [UPDATE]

This is all a bit meta, but it makes sense. This is a Titan from Titanfall built completely from scratch using nothing but empty Xbox boxes and (I’m assuming) a metric assload of sticky tape. Of course: let’s build a Titan exclusively using boxes of the console the game exclusively appears on. Ladies and gentlemen: this is high art.

Deals Hard To Find In EB Games' February Sale... But They're There

EB Games isn’t knowing for having deals one might describe as actual deals, but from time to time the retailer surprises you with a few decent discounts, if you happen to be watching for them. Like right now.

EB Games And Ozgameshop: Peace In Our Lifetime

In this extended metaphor EB Games is Ariel Sharon, Ozgameshop is Yassar Arafat and twitter genius Priscilla is Bill Clinton. Only instead of an unlikely handshake, these two video game retail giants exchanged an extreme brofist that spanned all the way across the internet. It was a beautiful thing.