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Persona 4: Dancing All Night Has Great Music And A Dark Story

There were many things I expected from Persona 4: Dancing All Night: Persona 4 music, the cast dressed up in various costumes. But what I didn’t expect? A plot that fits right in with its acclaimed RPG predecessor.

Let's Play Dress Up With Persona 4

Persona 4: Dancing All Night has a lot of awesome remixes of your favourite Persona 4 songs. You know what else it has? A lot of costumes to dress everyone up in.

There's DLC Coming For Never Alone

Briefly: There’s DLC coming for Never Alone, the touching indie adventure produced by an Alaskan Native community. The Foxtales add-on is due on July 28 and will feature all-new springtime environments for Nuna and Fox to romp through. In addition to the DLC, Never Alone is also coming to PS3 and Vita too.

Take A Listen To Persona 4: Dancing All Night's Remix-Filled Soundrack

Persona 4: Dancing All Night isn’t the meatiest of music games — it currently only has 30 songs (3 of which are DLC). However, it largely makes up for this with the sheer number of new remixes of classic Persona 4 songs. Have a listen!

The Up All Night Stream Plays Persona 4: Dancing All Night [All Done!]

A Persona 4-themed music game? Alright, people. Let’s rock out!

Sword Art Online: Lost Song: The Kotaku Import Preview

Sword Art Online: Lost Song is the newest game based on the hit anime/novel series Sword Art Online. And while it plays better than its predecessors, the plot leaves more than a bit to be desired.

In This New Tactical RPG, Four Kingdoms Fight For Control

Because while war never changes, the platform and user interface has a tendency to.

The PlayStation Vita Is Forgotten, But Not Gone

The PlayStation Vita is a handheld video game device manufactured by Sony Corporation. It was first released in Japan in December 2011. In 2015, some new games will be released for it.

Tearaway Unfolded Arrives On September 8

Briefly: Tearaway Unfolded, the revamped PS4 version of the wonderful Vita platformer, is coming out on September 8, Sony has announced. It will cost $US39.99, and probably be very cute.

The New Sword Art Online Game Lets You Play As All Your Favourites

As well as some new faces. Previous games Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment and Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment required you to play as series protagonist Kirito — though you could customise his avatar in the latter. All the other popular characters were relegated to AI-controlled party members.

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