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Resident Evil, Transformers Headline Playstation Plus Lineup For October

Playstation Plus users are looking at a powerhouse month for games in October. If you’ve never played Resident Evil, there’s officially no excuse for missing out on its wonderful remaster.

Digimon World: Next Order Is Coming To The West, But Not On Vita

The Digimon game featuring a breeding system so complex Richard Eisenbeis had to make a spreadsheet is coming to the West, but not in its original portable form. Digimon World: Next Order arrives on PlayStation 4 in early 2017.

World Of Final Fantasy Is Spring's Most Exciting Final Fantasy Game

Video: When new Final Fantasy XV footage arrives I nod and silently appreciate. When a new World of Final Fantasy trailer shows up, I chair dance and squeak. Is that just me?

Koei Tecmo Takes All The Characters They Have And Drops Them Into A Dynasty Warriors Game

After tossing together several successful all-star Dynasty Warriors-type games based on other people’s properties like Dragon Quest Heroes and Hyrule Warriors, Tecmo Koei gives its own famous characters a shot a killing many things at the same time in Musuo Stars.

The PS Vita Lives, At Least In Japan

The PS Vita lives! Well, in Japan at least.

Journey, Lords Of The Fallen Headline PlayStation Plus Lineup For September

If you haven’t played Journey yet, now’s your chance to get it for PS3 and PS4 through PlayStation Plus’ September lineup.

Project Diva X Makes Up For Its Short Song List With Story And Substance

With fans anxiously awaiting word on whether Sega plans to bring the 224 song monster that is Project Diva Future Tone to the West, why should they bother with the measly 30 tracks in Hatsune Miku Project Diva X? Because this one’s got more actual game in it.

The Attack On Titan Game Has One Job, And It Does It Pretty Well

All I wanted from Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom, the video game adaptation of the action horror anime sensation, was to feel like a badarse swinging around town in my 3D manoeuvring gear. As long as Tecmo Koei got that right, everything else could be wrong.

Go Set Up Two-Step Verification On Your PlayStation Right Now

Yesterday, Sony quietly added two-step verification to the PlayStation Network, allowing users to add an extra layer of security to their PS4, PS3 and Vita accounts. Finally.

Rated E For Sexual Content

Gal*Gun: Double Peace is a game about shooting schoolgirls with your love. It is not for everyone, and especially not for Everyone with a capital E, as shown on the back of the physical Vita release of the game.

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