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Tips For Playing Gravity Rush

You’re a discerning individual with refined tastes. Let’s say you want a really cool new video game to play. You think, “Hey, that Gravity Rush game is out on PS4. I’ll play that!” Wise decision, my friend.

It's Time To Solve A Digimon Mystery

A teenager is granted the ability to move freely between physical and digital worlds and befriend colourful monsters made of code, but that’s not important right now. We’ve got to solve the case of the broken air conditioner!

Sony Says They Have Fixed The Vita's Network Problem

Sony has fixed a “network issue” that was preventing some Vita owners from accessing the PlayStation Store, the company said today.

Chaos;Child is A Murder Mystery With Delusions And Superpowers

If I were to sum up in two sentences my experience with delusion-filled murder mystery visual novel Chaos;Child, it’d be these: 1) If I’d known how incredibly long Chaos;Child was, I’d never have played it and 2) I’m so happy that I played Chaos;Child.

Japan, Where The PS Vita Won't Die

This week, the biggest selling video game in Japan is for the PS Vita. While the handheld seems to be on its last legs in the West, here in Japan it’s doing pretty well.

Helldivers, Nom Nom Galaxy Headline February's PS Plus Lineup

Another month, another batch of games for PlayStation Plus.

Gravity Rush Soars To PS4, Sticks The Landing, Gathers Some Gems

If you’d asked me back in 2012 to name a single Vita game that deserved a PS4 version, I would have said “Gravity Rush” with zero hesitation. Good news for me, then!

Mighty No. 9 Delayed Yet Again

Originally expected in April 2015, the Mega Man-like platformer’s release date was first moved to September 15, then to February 9 of this year. This latest delay shifts it to spring 2016. At the earliest.

How Sony Stopped A Vita Port From Being Canned

Stoic Games is a tiny developer. While their Viking-inspired strategy game The Banner Saga became a hit, they didn’t have the bandwidth to port it themselves, so they found another studio to handle the game coming to PS4, Xbox One and Vita. Unfortunately, that studio went bankrupt.

Crypt of the Necrodancer Coming To PS4 And Vita February 2

Video: The excellent music rhythm game Crypt of the Necrodancer is coming to PlayStation 4 and Vita on February 2. The game has crossbuy support, so if you pick it up on one platform, you’re good to go on the other.

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