New JRPGs For Vita Make Me Unreasonably Happy

Between PS1 Classics and newer games like Persona 4 Golden, the unheralded PlayStation Vita has become an essential beast for JRPG fans and today brings news of more cool Japanese stuff for western gamers.

The Vita Gets A Sweet-Looking New Action Game

Video: Freedom Wars, announced for Japan last year, is heading to the West at some point in 2014. Sony announced the news on its YouTube channel alongside this new trailer (above) for the upcoming Vita game, which lets you team up with other players to take down monsters and shoot your way through prison colonies. Looks neat.

SNES-Style Tactical RPG Stars A 'Raging Alcoholic'

Our heroine, ladies and gentlemen. Dragon Fin Soup will follow the story of several playable characters; one of them is Red Robin, an alcoholic bounty hunter who hails from a remote village on Asura — essentially a planet formed on top of giant cosmic turtle that swims around in space-time.

Atlus Revives Failed Earthbound-Inspired Kickstarter RPG

Last year, the developers of modern JRPG Citizens of Earth took to Kickstarter to raise $US100,000 for their project. Sadly, it didn’t work out. But now, thanks to Atlus, the game is going to be completed on time after all.

The Glory Days Of Platform Adventure Reclaimed By One Brave Hamster

2010′s The Flying Hamster is an adorable bite-sized shooter mainly aimed at mobile and portable platforms. Flying Hamster II: Knight of the Golden Seed is a gorplatforming adventure that aims to resurrect the spirit of the classic Wonder Boy/Monster World franchise.

J-Stars Victory VS Gets Real Old Real Fast

Goku and Naruto. Luffy and Ichigo. Jojo and Kenshiro. It’s hard not to be excited about a game where all your favourite Shonen Jump heroes battle it out. Unfortunately, while it does deliver on the fanservice, the novelty wears off painfully fast.

That Vita Game With The Talking Dogs Coming In June

When you’re really excited about an upcoming game, it sometimes helps to completely wipe any trace of it from your memory, as I did with PlayStation Vita Pets. “Oh yeah, that game!” is slated for release next month in Europe and June in North America. I’m so excited I could forget again.

A History Of Shonen Jump Crossover Games

Late last month saw the release of J-Stars Victory VS, a 3D fighter where characters like Goku, Luffy, Naruto and Kenshin all battle it out. But this is not the first Shonen Jump Magazine mega-crossover game. Rather, it’s the fifth.

Watch As One Piece And Fist Of The North Star Battle It Out

New mega-crossover game J-Stars Victory Versus lets you battle as 52 different characters from across 32 different Shonen Jump series. But how exactly does it play? Check out our exclusive video to find out.

Goku, Luffy, Kenshin, Naruto And 48 More Characters Face Off

J-Stars Victory Versus, the new Shonen Jump game, is a 3D fighter that lets you pit all your favourite Shonen Jump characters in battle against one another. In fact, there are 52 characters from across 32 different series. So let’s take a closer look at the roster.