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I'm Playing Digimon Wrong And I Can't Help Myself

I’m 10 hours into Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuths, killing Digimon at the end of the first non-tutorial dungeon, overleveled beyond belief, and getting next to no EXP — but I am so close to getting my Angewomon, you guys.

Mobile Gaming Didn't Kill The Vita -- Sony Did

I have long been a fan of the PlayStation Vita. So this quote from one of Sony’s head honchos about portable gaming seriously bums me out.

How Gravity Rush Plays On PS4

Despite being one of the first games for the PlayStation Vita, Gravity Rush remains among the best of the system’s library. And as I sat down with Gravity Rush Remastered at the Tokyo Game Show, I had one goal: to figure out how a game made to use all the unique features of the Vita plays on the PS4.

Hey, They're Making A New Danganronpa 

Do you like Danganronpa? Oh, lovely. Would you like more Danganronpa? Good news, because that’s exactly what you are getting.

Vanillaware's New Game Sentinel Aegis Rim Is Beautiful

Here’s the debut trailer for Vanillaware’s new game 13 Sentinel Aegis Rim.

The Battle System In Ray Gigant Forces You To Think

I’m only a few hours into anime RPG Ray Gigant but there’s already one thing about it I enjoy immensely: the battle system.

IA/VT -Colorful-: The Kotaku Import Preview

Sega has long held a stranglehold on the Vocaloid music game market with their Project Diva series. Now, to challenge Hatsune Miku’s dominance comes IA and her game IA/VT -Colorful-.

The Up All Night Stream Plays Ray Gigant

There’s two things I spend a lot of time writing about: JRPGs and anime. Welp, Ray Gigant‘s a game big on both. So let’s play it.

The Songs Of Hatsune Miku's Music Game Rival

For years now, virtual idol Hatsune Miku’s greatest hits have been showcased in the Project Diva music game series. Now however, fellow Vocaloid and rival “IA” has her own game IA/VT -Colourful-. And its music is pretty good in its own right.

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