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Project Diva X Makes Up For Its Short Song List With Story And Substance

With fans anxiously awaiting word on whether Sega plans to bring the 224 song monster that is Project Diva Future Tone to the West, why should they bother with the measly 30 tracks in Hatsune Miku Project Diva X? Because this one’s got more actual game in it.

The Attack On Titan Game Has One Job, And It Does It Pretty Well

All I wanted from Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom, the video game adaptation of the action horror anime sensation, was to feel like a badarse swinging around town in my 3D manoeuvring gear. As long as Tecmo Koei got that right, everything else could be wrong.

Go Set Up Two-Step Verification On Your PlayStation Right Now

Yesterday, Sony quietly added two-step verification to the PlayStation Network, allowing users to add an extra layer of security to their PS4, PS3 and Vita accounts. Finally.

Rated E For Sexual Content

Gal*Gun: Double Peace is a game about shooting schoolgirls with your love. It is not for everyone, and especially not for Everyone with a capital E, as shown on the back of the physical Vita release of the game.

Rebel Galaxy, Yakuza 5 Headline PlayStation Plus Lineup For August

There’s not much for PlayStation 4 owners in next month’s PlayStation Plus lineup, but if you have a PlayStation 3? That’s a different story.

Shiren The Wanderer Is A Mystery Dungeon Game Without Pokemon Or Chocobos, That's All

We’ve run through Pokemon Mystery Dungeons, Chocobo Mystery Dungeons and even Gundam Mystery Dungeons. Released today for the PlayStation Vita, Shiren The Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate is just like those, only without the licensed characters.

Gal*Gun: Double Peace Is Exactly What It Looks Like [NSFW]

Gal*Gun: Double Peace is a game about firing your “pheromone shot” at love-crazed anime schoolgirls until they collapse in ecstasy and disappear. Armed with that knowledge, nothing in this video should surprise you.

Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell, Furi Headline PS Plus Lineup For July

It’s looking like a solid month for Games With Gold and PlayStation Plus.

Rose And The Old Castle Of Twilight Is A Perfect Melding Of Cuteness And Gore

This is the heart warming tale of Rose, her golem friend and Rose’s many horrible, brutal, gore-filled deaths.

More Dragon Quest Characters Get A Facelift

Like with the original Dragon Quest Heroes last year, the sequel Dragon Quest Heroes II, is taking many of the franchise’s most popular characters and is giving them an HD makeover.

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