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The Up All Night Stream Plays Ray Gigant

There’s two things I spend a lot of time writing about: JRPGs and anime. Welp, Ray Gigant‘s a game big on both. So let’s play it.

The Songs Of Hatsune Miku's Music Game Rival

For years now, virtual idol Hatsune Miku’s greatest hits have been showcased in the Project Diva music game series. Now however, fellow Vocaloid and rival “IA” has her own game IA/VT -Colourful-. And its music is pretty good in its own right.

The Up All Night Stream Plays Gal Gun: Double Peace

Hey, everyone remember that rail-shooter with the orgasm-inducing gun? Well, it has a sequel. Let’s play it.

Grow Home Leads September's Free PS Plus Lineup

There are some great games coming your way next week. September’s lineup kicked off the first time PlayStation owners have been allowed to vote on one game that’s part of the lineup, and they picked Grow Home. (Excellent choice, if I may say.)

The Up All Night Stream Plays The New Vocaloid Music Game

Move over Miku. There’s a new virtual idol in town and she’s got a game all her own. So come join me as I play it.

Persona 4: Dancing All Night Has Great Music And A Dark Story

There were many things I expected from Persona 4: Dancing All Night: Persona 4 music, the cast dressed up in various costumes. But what I didn’t expect? A plot that fits right in with its acclaimed RPG predecessor.

Let's Play Dress Up With Persona 4

Persona 4: Dancing All Night has a lot of awesome remixes of your favourite Persona 4 songs. You know what else it has? A lot of costumes to dress everyone up in.

There's DLC Coming For Never Alone

Briefly: There’s DLC coming for Never Alone, the touching indie adventure produced by an Alaskan Native community. The Foxtales add-on is due on July 28 and will feature all-new springtime environments for Nuna and Fox to romp through. In addition to the DLC, Never Alone is also coming to PS3 and Vita too.

Take A Listen To Persona 4: Dancing All Night's Remix-Filled Soundrack

Persona 4: Dancing All Night isn’t the meatiest of music games — it currently only has 30 songs (3 of which are DLC). However, it largely makes up for this with the sheer number of new remixes of classic Persona 4 songs. Have a listen!

The Up All Night Stream Plays Persona 4: Dancing All Night [All Done!]

A Persona 4-themed music game? Alright, people. Let’s rock out!

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