Xbox 360 HD DVD, $25 At Dick Smith

Xbox 360 HD DVD, $25 At Dick Smith
xbhd_25.jpgWondering what the heck is going on in this blurry shot of what looks like a receipt? I can confidently say that it is, indeed, a receipt, one that reader Lawrence received when he purchased a few bits and pieces at Dick Smith Electronics. One of those pieces included an Xbox 360 HD DVD, which Gavan got for just $25.

Sure, it’s mostly a glorified paperweight at this point, but if you feel like putting together the world’s cheapest collection of high-definition movies, here’s a good place to start.

Update: Lawrence is our Dick Smith shopper, not Gavan.


  • Actually it’s also worth picking up as a cheap upscaling dvd player . It also saves on using your 360 dvd drive for movies. The only downside is that it’s region locked for DVDs.

  • Weird – according to their website, they are still $49.95.

    Still cheap, but not 25 bucks cheap. Product code matches up, so it’s not a special or anything that they are officially running.

    Speaking as an old ex-employee, I’d say it’s a probably a price that’s been overridden at the counter, which can set at the manager’s discretion. I’d chalk this one up to a manager wanting to get rid of useless stock at any price.

  • The ‘useless stock’ you’re talking about is probably the cheapest better-than-DVD device for a long time to come. Can you imagine a Blu-Ray player being that cheap?

    And besides, it was probably the last in stock, since they’ve been selling like hotcakes. I’ve been trying to find one for weeks.

    $49.95 is cheap. $25 is a ludicrously good find.

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