BioShock Half Price On Steam (But Still Near Double The US Cost)

bs_steam_2.jpgSteam currently has 2K Games' BioShock going at a discounted price - about half its original. In the US, this puts it at a tidy $US 14.99. In Australia, however, it's $US 24.99. After you've suppressed a groan, consider the fact it's not such a bad price for BioShock and, if you haven't picked it up yet, now would be a good time.

BioShock™ on Steam [Steam]


    Well, I mean face it - apples for apples aside, that's a fantastic price for something that's still gonna slug you $80.00+ off the shelf at an EB Games, K-Mart etc.

    It's a great price regardless of the irrational price difference between the US and Aus.

    I'd buy it, but my computer wouldn't be able to handle it with my aging 6600GT, and it won't work through Wine on Ubuntu without a crack

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