Halloween Fun in Your Favourite MMOs

Halloween is a fun time of year, though here in Australia most people have yet to catch on with the awesome. Having oddly grown up in one of the only streets in Sydney where all the kids actually did trick or treating, I was confused when I moved elsewhere and no one gave a toss.

But massively multiplayer games seem to get the drift, so I thought I would link up some of the festivities happening in the land of the MMO. It's often a good time to jump back in if you've been away a while, as there is a lot you can do that's outside the norm and you can pick up some unique trinkets, costumes and gear that is only available for a few days in October. Shout out in the comments if I've missed anything dear to your deadite-loving heart.

World of Warcraft - Hallow's End City of Heroes - Halloween Event Warhammer Online - The Dev's Talk About Witching Night GuildWars - Join The Mad King's Revel Everquest - The Haunting of Norrath Star Wars Galaxies - Galactic Moon Festival Vanguard - Spooky Creeps and Creepy Spooks And The Matrix Online is doing stuff, but they don't make it easy to link it up...


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