The Second Code Is Here

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Yesterday, we bought you the first one, and now the second code in Sony's QUANTUM CODE promo has been released.

For your chance to win the "ultimate Bond-style experience package" (not sure what that means, but hey, it's worth a couple a k), use your code-enabled mobile to scan the above image and follow the prompts.

But in case you have absolutely no clue what we're talking about and are wondering how on earth you're meant to crack the code when you don't even know what a code-enabled phone actually is, check out our QR forum or make the jump for more info.

For NextG and Telstra 3G customers, cracking the code will be a breeze (depending on your handset, of course). Simply download the QR software through Telstra's MyPlace portal, point your camera at the code above and the clues will appear. While iPhone users should head to the App Store and check out the barcode for free.

As for everyone else, never fear. You can still enter the comp. Access the mission briefings by surfing this website on your mobile and stay tuned to Kotaku for the latest news and codes.


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